got two bottles of erase, AnaBeta, Alpha-T2 and shift help me on doasege pls..

  1. got two bottles of erase, AnaBeta, Alpha-T2 and shift help me on doasege pls..

    first of all I live in Australia and we do not have your products here,
    and alot of supplements for some reason are banned in this country.
    I found a international seller on ebay and i brought two bottles each of erase, AnaBeta, Alpha-T2 and shift risking a small fortune
    yet they made it through customs and I now have them in my possession. Iam so happy they came through especially my two bottles of erase because there is so much good things said about it on the internet and was wondering if I could stack all 4 pes supps together.
    i am currently cycling off all supps apart from protein multi-vitamins and fish oil for 4 weeks and would like to start the pes stack after.

    my goal is to loose some weight so i can see my abs and to gain some more lean muscle in my body.
    any help on how i can take all 4 supps with the timing of each dosage would be appreciated..

    my current weight is 78kilos and I''m around 170cm high
    I do resistance training 4 days a week and do 3 days of 30 minute moderate cardio each week generaly after my lifting session.

    any help would be appreciated..

  2. That is going at things heavily!

    Here is my advice;
    - AnaBeta has the potential for you to lose fat and build muscle simultaneously, with no other products added
    - Alpha-T2 and Shift on their own are promoted for weight loss, as they are thyroidals
    - Erase is renowned to 'harden' people up as it helps as a diuretic

    I don't know how much you want to lose so can't really recommend an order to try things.

    'If' you wanted to run all of them together you would do so like this;
    - AnaBeta, 1 capsule 4 times daily
    - Erase, 1 capsule 3 times daily (work up to this, some people find it too strong and their libido decreases and they can get joint aches)
    - AT2, 3 capsules, on an empty stomach, 2 in the morning and one after lunch. Keep them earlier in the day as they have a small amount of
    stimulants in them and could interfere with sleep
    - Shift, 3 capsules taken later in the day

    If you wanted to taper the start to assess their individual effects I would start with AnaBeta (as it is the product most suited for fat loss and muscle gain, like you wanted). Then subsequently add them in one by one with a week between each.

    Here is an article which might help you;

    I hope this helps, if not please feel free to ask away.

    PEScience Representative

  3. thanks for your reply

    thanks for your advice I realy apriciate it , I think i''ll brake it down to two stacks
    I think I''ll go with anabeta first and after a few weeks incorporate shift in to it
    i''ll keep the bottles of erase and alpha t2 and run the as my second stack a little while after the first stack is done.
    thanks again ben

  4. Pleasure. If there is anything else we can do for you just ask.

    Good luck!
    PEScience Representative

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