Alpha t2 question

  1. Alpha t2 question

    Hi all,

    I have a question regarding alpha t2 dosage timing.Today is my first day on t2 and here's what i have done.I woke up and took coffee then after 20 minutes, i took 1 cap of t2.After that,i waited for 15 minutes to have my breakfast.Am i doing anything wrong.Sorry for my English.

  2. Take it with your coffee so there is slightly longer between AT2 and breakfast.

    AT2 works best on an empty stomach.

  3. Yes, it's best to wait 20-30 minutes after dosing to eat.

    The rauwolscine is shown to be largely ineffective taken with a full stomach (carbs in particular), and it's generally advised to take thyroidogenic compounds without food.
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  4. Here's a valid question from a debate I had today with some mates...

    Does it matter if the capsules are split in half before ingestion (on empty stomach) or must they be intact for the stomach?

    The two sides of the argument are:

    Yes it matters! - the capsule will allow it to reach the stomach uncontested and hopefully the small intestine to be absorbed!

    No it doesn't matter! - the capsule will be dsisolved in stomach acid anyway.

  5. In does not matter.

    The only time it matters are when you take a enteric coated tablet supplement, or a prescription drug tablet or capsule since they can be extended release
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