I finally get my Erase! Anarchy Stack + Erase, I will lose my belly fat!

  1. I finally get my Erase! Anarchy Stack + Erase, I will lose my belly fat!

    Hi all!

    Finally I get my two bottles of erase and Im waiting for a few more supplements to come. Here is some information about me:

    27 years old
    About 17% BF
    68 Kilograms bodyweight
    1,73 centimeters

    Currently Im doing strength training 3x week, training with the template for novices layed out in Practical Programming for Strength Training written by Rippetoe and Kilgore. Ive started about a month and a half ago after a long time of inactivity. So far my lift are:

    Bench Press: 3x5, 40 kilos, 58-59% BW (next workout I will add 5 kilos)
    Military Press: 3x4, 40 kilos, 58-59% BW (I feel that I will get stuck soon)
    Deadlift:1x5, 80 kilos, 117% BW
    Back Squats: 3x5, 60 kilos, 88% BW
    Neutral grip pull ups: 8,8,7

    Not that bad for less than two months

    My short to medium terms goals are:

    10-12 % Bodyfat

    200% BW Deadlift
    150% BW Squat
    100% BW BB Bench press
    75% BW BB Military Press
    3x15 neutral grip pull ups

    I dont really care about my BW as long as Im ripped and strong like a f*cking bull LOL.

    My plan of supplementation is going to be:

    2-3 caps of Erase/day.
    6 x 200 mg ECGC / day spread in breakfast, lunch and mid afternoon.
    3 x 200 mg R-ALA / day spread in the same meals as ECGC.
    2,5 grams of ALCAR, 1 gram in breakfast, another at lunch and 500 mg mid afternoon.

    If I get really stuck Ive a bottle of 500 grams of Jarrows creapure but I prefer to "milk" all the strength progress I could make without adding it. Im not really sure about this, maybe Ill just add it and end with it.

    I think thats all buddies, I dont want to get boring so for now Ill ask if everything seems fine. Also note that since Im from Spain there will be some grammar mistakes. Ill take this log also as an opportunity to practice my English skills so if you find some mistake feel free to correct me.

    Un saludo!

  2. Looking forward to seeing how this is going to go. Good luck

  3. First, with English not being your first language you made a very good post and I appreciate that. Second your supplement stack looks fantastic the only thing suggestion I would make is something for your joints. I have used Erase for a long time and it works better then anything OTC for estrogen control but it does hurt a bit for my joint's at the dose I like. You can help your joints with something as simple as fish oil or for something more complex we have Osteo-Sport. Other then that I'll be following along and i wish you luck with your goal.
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  4. Hi there!

    Ive started to take Erase today because from what Ive read it seems to exert a visible effect in between three days to a week starting its use. That way I could "gauge" somewhat if it is making something alone and in a week or so, when my Anarchy Stack arrives Ill start to taking everything together.

    Ive just took a pill in the morning, in the night I will take the other. Obviously I havent feel any different yet.

    My training today was:

    Squats --> 3x4, 65 kilos, 95% BW
    Bench press --> 3x5, 45 kilos, 66% BW
    Deadlift --> 1x5, 85 kilos, 125% BW (First three reps felt somewhat easy, fourth one was a bit hard, in the last one I had to stop a few seconds and was really hard but I can do it)

    Ill update if I feel anything different


    PS: WhatsaRoid? Ive also taking some general health supps that I dont have listed to avoid saturating the post but mainly are vitamins, minerals, protein and, of course, fish oil Thanks for the suggestion though, I will double check the amounts of EPA/DHA that I take.

  5. Anarchy Stack...goin old school!

    Very effective though
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    - Ultra-Premium Blend
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  6. Thanks natty I hope it really works because I need to shed some fat in the abdominal area but I dont really like aerobics lol

    Quick update: I resting Today so I dont feel any different in terms of strength training. Libido is still the same and I dont appreciate nothing in terms of body recomposition. What Im feeling is some kind of "discomfort" in my knuckles, Ill be watching if it persist or gets worst.


  7. Quick update:

    Training day

    Squats --> 3x5, 65 kilos, 95% BW
    Shoulder Press --> 5 x 40 kgs , 5 x 40 kgs, 3 x 40 kgs, 58-59% BW (little bit disappointed, I thought that I could do it 3x5)
    Neutral grip pull ups --> 9 , 7, 6

    Joint pain is somewhat more acute, nothing exaggerated but definitely noticeable, specially in the knuckles of my left hand. Libido is normal, although erection quality seemed to be better today after "being" with my gf.

    Felt somewhat more sweaty in the training room, but it is really hot here so I dont know if it is erase related.


  8. Today is my fourth day taking it and I think its working: altough I dont feel it at an stetic or athletic poit of view yesterday was my third night that I had to wake up in the night to pee and guess what? That also happened to back in the time I was taking aromasin/exemestane.

    Hope that the effects gets better!


  9. Haha yea...always happens to me too
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    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  10. Im sure you're gonna love the erase, before you know it, you will realize changes are happening.
    PHF Rep

  11. Training day:

    Squat --> 3x5, 70 kilos, 102% BW [Felt easy, I changed from Ass to Grass to about 1-2 inches below parallel as Ive read from Rippetoe recommendations. Felt somewhat easy]
    Military press --> 45 kilos, 66% BW, 3-3-2 [My plan was doing 3x3 so Ive failed. Im going to do a deload of 5 kilos and start a cycle of 3x3, 3x4 and then 3x5 in the following weeks]
    Pull ups --> 9-9-6, it seems that Ive gained a tad bit of strength here.

    Planning to start taking creatine mono but a little bit worried about the water retention and loss of definition. Erase is giving me a leaner look that I enjoy a lot, I like to be "thin and strong" instead of too bulky. Kind of MMA fighter.

    Im intrigued to try the 3 day creatine pulses ala Paul Cribb that were reccomended here from a poster called Fritzer


    Now there is some personal specualtion in here, and no defining study. But i can tell you it works. 3 of my friends started this and had the same results as me. Another friend at the gym started this a month ago and deadlift went from 405 to 525. When i first started this method i shot up 20lbs in two months and finally left 315 squats behind for 405...

    I would be really happy if I can get only 50% of the aforementioned results!


  12. Great results so far I must say. Ass to grass used to be the way I went...then I destroyed my knee and my doctor said anything past 85-90 degrees puts a ton of pressure on your knee
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  13. Just now saw this thread. Look's like ERASE is the real deal. Maybe somebody can drop a bottle my way for a log...
    Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.
    -Jim Morrison

  14. Update, log with training weights and thoughts so far

    Training day:

    Squats --> 3x5, 70 kilos, 102% BW. Felt nice, last repetition of the last set was done with awful technique. Lets see how it goes next Friday.
    Bench Press --> 3x5, 50 kilos, 85% BW. Nice, it was hard but I think that Im not going to stall any soon.
    Deadlift --> 1x5, 90 kilos, 132% BW. I really love DLting. It was about a 7,5 in a scale of 10, not easy, not too hard, "painfully" manageable :P

    Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    Great results so far I must say. Ass to grass used to be the way I went...then I destroyed my knee and my
    doctor said anything past 85-90 degrees puts a ton of pressure on your knee
    Thanks natty, Im really happy with the results and the efforts I am putting on it. I think its worth to mention that Im in a maintenance calorie diet and Im not taking any other kind of help (besides whey and food) so these strength gains will likely to be superior if I were taking more food or things like creatine or so.

    It was passed a week since Ive started taking Erase and these are my thoughts and impressions so far:

    - Libido is still the same but I feel that my orgasms are stronger and my erections are harder. It also seems that I get turned on easier.
    - Waist has reduced about 1 centimeter (a little less than half a inch). I dont know if this was prior to Erase since I didnt measure my waist at the moment I started taking it but knowing that Ive 7 weeks left Ill pay atention to this measurement.
    - First days my knuckles and ankles were aching a bit, my knees, shoulders and elbows felt fine, without any change.
    - Ive been about 2-3 days without feeling these aches anymore so Ill up my dosage to 3 caps a day from Today on.
    - I thought that I would feel less stressed since Erase reduces cortisol but I felt actually the opposite: Im a little bit more aggresive and feel that Ive less patience. Maybe is testostorne related?
    - I feel that my written English has improved a little :P Good side effect for the price!

    Will update soon, regards!

  15. Thanks for filling us in man
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    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  16. Youre welcome natty, Im glad to try supplements that really works!

    Well, lets continue with this log, training day:

    Squats --> 70 kilos, 3x5, 102% BW. Felt easier than last workout. Next week Ill start with 75 kilos, 3x3.
    Military press --> 40 kilos, 3-3-5 , 58% BW. This was a planned deload since I get stuck with 45 kilos. Last set was just to check if I could do 5 reps with the weight. Next workouts will be 3x4 and then 3x5, then Ill increment the load to 45 kilos again and start a 3x3,3x4,3x5 cycle.
    Pull ups --> 9-9-7,5. Last set was hard as hell, I didnt count the last rep because my chin didnt pass the bar but certainly it comes close to it, so I guess that I can count it like half a rep :P

    Third day taking 3 a day and I dont feel my ankles, knees, shoulder or elbows cracking. My knuckles still ache a bit but nothing exaggerated. Ive received my order from iHerb and today is my first day doing the erase + anarchy stack (sans GLA). Lets see how it goes.


  17. Training day:

    Squats --> 75 kilos, 3-3-4, 110% BW. In the last set I wanted to test out if I could do 3x5. At the fourth rep I could do the fifth if I really pushed myself but I didnt want to force it since Ive two workouts more this week to get there.

    Bench press --> 3x5, 50 kilos, 85% BW. Felt a little bit harder than the week before but nothing impossible. Next bench workout Ill try 55 kilos.

    Pull ups --> 10-10-6. Good resistance in the first two sets, last one didnt go that well.

    Joints feels fine at a dose of 3 caps/erase a day so Im going to stick with it for the rest of the run. Im really enjoying this supplement, my orgasm are a lot more potent and Im starting to feel really horny in the mornings LOL. Waist is still the same but Im not doing any cardio workout. As Ive noted strength is increasing although Im in a maintenance calorie diet and Im not taking any other ergogenic aid as creatine or beta alanine nor Im taking any other test booster.


  18. Good, detailed updates so far. Keep it up!

    PEScience Representative

  19. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    Good, detailed updates so far. Keep it up!

    Thanks! Im really happy with the product! My strength seems to get better and better, I dont want it to stop!


    Squats --> 3x4, 75 kilos, 110% BW. It felt fine, not too hard, not too easy. Im pretty sure that I will do fine at 3x5 next Friday.
    Military press --> 3x4, 40 kilos, 58% BW. Somewhat easy, the planned deload is going well, in the next MP workout Ill try 3x5.
    Deadlift --> 1x5, 95 kilos, 139% BW. E-A-S-Y. I cant even describe the sensation, some people were staring at me like "WTF?!" because Im on one of those gyms in where people prefer to do lots of curls and things like squats or deadlift are a rarity (Im the only guy who squats or deadlifts). Next workout Ill try 100 kilos... and I feel confident that Im going to lift it


  20. Update:

    ****ty workout yesterday: I didnt eat well and I didnt sleep well neither.

    Squats --> 3x5, 75 kilos, 110% BW. I did it but I didnt feel fine. Im hoping that my Saturday refeed and the extra rest from the weekend help me with the increased weigth in Monday. Ill try 3x3 with 80 kilos.

    Bench press --> 3x5, 55 kilos, 80% BW. Best exercise in the workout. Felt hard but manageable. Ill retry with this weigth next bench workout.

    Pull ups --> 10-9-6. It really sucked, I was hoping something better.

    Anyway Im liking this running that much that Im thinking to purchase another two bottles of Erase from Nutraplanet alongside with the BOGO of Omega T-Force (Fadogia) Ive read some rave reviews about Fadogia and it will be an interesting stack.

    Ive also liked to try out Bioforge/VidaTest but the first one if too expensive for my bucket and the second one doesnt send international.

    Wish me luck on Monday!


  21. Update:

    All in all good workout today.

    Squats --> 3-3-4, 80 kilos, 117% BW. It felt a little bit heavy but manegeable. Last set I did all I can to check how near to 5 reps I am.
    Military BB press --> 3x5, 40 kilos, 58% BW. Way to go! The planned deload worked! Lets see if I can do 45 kilos 3x3 next workout.
    Pull up --> 10-10-6. Felt fine I wish I could do one more one the last set to see some improvement.

    Liking the Erase product. Really love the "rediscovered" orgasms --> felt really better and stronger. Ive purchased another two bottles already in Nutra alongside the BOGO of T-Force from Omega Sports. Fadogia + Erase will be my next stack, and of course I will log it ^^


  22. What do you mean by rediscovering the orgasim?


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