It's been a good few months! T2/Shift/AnaBeta

  1. Thumbs up It's been a good few months! T2/Shift/AnaBeta

    Just wanted to say that over the last 16 weeks I have really enjoyed PES products. I ran 8 weeks of T2/Shift. Even though my diet was hit or miss I still lost weight. This included eating out, drinking here and there, birthday parties, cook outs etc. I think I would have lost a lot more, if I would have been more committed. I am now 4 weeks into AnaBeta and I'm loving the pump and strength increases. I have just added T2 back into the mix after a 4 or 5 week break. Friday I will order the new t2 and a shift so I can try that out. I plan on doing 4 more weeks AnaBeta also. I have attached a before and after pic of my current progress. I still have a lot of fat to lose, but I'm happy with results so far. Other supps during the 16 weeks have been Titanium, and my staples Green Mag, Purple Wraath, Purple PsyKo, and White Flood V2.

    Sorry for blurry second pic, I think the pump caused me to shake phone lol

  2. The weight loss is very noticeable, good job man! I'm glad our supplements are helping you reach your goals.

    Aside from the few slip ups you mentioned, what was your diet and training like?
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  3. Diet didn't consist of anything other than making better choices. I did not count calories. I eat salads/veggies over fries. I have been eating turkey burgers, turkey brats, a lot less fast food. Pretty much cut out a bunch of BS. I have always struggled with weight, in 05-06 I went from 300 no muscle, never worked out to 189. Then I bulked up to 240. Since then I had quit working out, and my weight went up to 320+. I an now around 280-285. I would like to be 240 again. If I could get back into habit of counting calories and lowering carbs, I could probably do better, But summertime has too many temptations for me
    Edit for training response: training is just typical splits, work mostly to failure. First 8 weeks I did cardio 3x a week. Have not done much cardio since. In 4 weeks I leave for cancun, so I will be killing myself with cardio now.
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  4. At 240 you would have a substantial amount of muscle mass..keep up the hard work!
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    At 240 you would have a substantial amount of muscle mass..keep up the hard work!
    Thanks! Keep up with the awesome products.. Yeah i was 240 wearing size 33/34 pants back in 06. Perfect size for me. The original Halodrol 50 helped back then lol



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