sups causing probs in bedroom?

  1. sups causing probs in bedroom?

    okay, im currently taking titanium, alpha t2, erase on a schedule of. 1 each titanium,erase, 2 AT2 upon waking up, and 1 of each 6-8 hours later. now i love the stack and it is working wonders but ever since i have started this stack im having problems maintaining in the bedroom if you know what i mean. never had this problem before. blood pressure is good and stress level has not changed. its a mystery to me. is there a chance that AT2 or erase an cause this?

    now on the off chance that it is just me what supps can i start to help?

    stats for reference:
    gym and cardio 4-5x a week
    eat very healthy

  2. im on erase, or was, too capsules a day. if anything i was too reved up in the bedroom lol

  3. The only way to know if it is the supps would be to go off of them for a bit and see if it changes the result in the bedroom.

  4. When's the last time you got bloods done ? Your estrogen could be too low .. you need some estrogen for erections and to lubercate the joints ?

    I'm not an expert..... I'm sure someone else can shed some more light on the stack though.

  5. I have never heard of this problem before with any of the supplements you have mentioned, PES or otherwise.

    Hypothetically speaking, stimulants can cause erection issues by effecting vessel blood flow, and lowering estrogen can have effects on sex drive.

    On the other hand forms of yohimbe are used in supplements targeted at improving sexual function and supplements that lower estrogen and raise testosterone can also have the effect of improving sex drive and sexual function.

    I would recommend you cycle your supplements. Come off something and see if it helps, if not then take a break from something else. It would be the logical way to get to the bottom of it. The alternative would be to stop taking everything, and once your sexual function improves start taking one supplement at a time so you can find out what works and what doesn't. As you said the problem started ever since you started the stack it sounds like it effected you very quickly, it may not take long to work out what it is.

    I hope this is helpful, please keep us updated on how you get on.

    PEScience Representative

  6. The best method is taking 1 of the 3 supplements out of your stack for 3-4 days and seeing if there is a change. Since none of the supplements have a direct effect on erection quality IMO, it would be hard to determine which to suggest you try dropping first.
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  7. ERASE brought back my sexual function/endurance to be honest...


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