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    I am doing Primordial's AndroLean and AndroHard right now for a 6 week cycle. These are only mildly suppressive so I'm laying off of SERMs this time around. So for my PCT I have Diesel Test Pro Cycle, Suppress-C, and Toco-8. I was pondering the possibility of taking AnaBeta AND Diesel Test Pro at the same time. Is this idiotic, pointless, or a pretty good idea? Please help.

  2. Come on PES guys. If I get AnaBeta I don't want to miss the nutraplanet sale.

    Edit: F it, I ordered it anyway. I'll sell it or use it later on if I shouldn't take it. Still need an informed opinion though.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by VikingBP View Post
    Come on PES guys. If I get AnaBeta I don't want to miss the nutraplanet sale.
    It will help your PCT out substantially, IMO. DT will work at increasing endogenous testosterone production, and the AnaBeta will help maintain gains by providing an anabolic environment, without comprising HPTA recovery.
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  4. Kevin nailed it on the head. It will be a great assistance overall in pct

  5. Use the TRS stack from PP.

  6. Thank you Kevin, great answer! Now im excited for my PCT. T-Bone I've used the TRS stack before but I wanted to try something new. I have Suppress-C for cortisol issues so I didn't want to drop a bunch of cash on EndoAmp. I already had a half a bottle of Toco-8, and I think Sustain Alpha would be overkill with the effects of the Diesel Test.

  7. They are having a big sale 33% off everything at PP.

  8. Could just use bulk DAA.

    I'm using Anabeta for pct of androhard then right into titanium.


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