Erase - For someone on TEST

  1. Erase - For someone on TEST

    Im on 200 T/week

    I'm taking one cap a day

    Bump to 2-3?

  2. Natty will chime in on this one as he runs Erase while on TRT.

    His experience will give you a much more educated answer than my speculative hypothesis.
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  3. ..........

  4. I am utilizing Erase while on TRT. I am using 3 caps (serving per major meal); a week in, so I cannot confirm any pros/cons at this point. Nonetheless, I am interested in more information and to join the discussion.

  5. How often are you doing bloodwork?
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  6. My doctor pops BW every 6 months, instead of the usual year that he does with other patients. I blast/cruise depending on my goals for the quarter.


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