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  1. Day 26

    Been feeling great!

    My workouts have being very good and consistent, and i don't stop leaning out!

    I'm having vacations and i'm veri tanned, so i even look more lean and vascular! But this combo is one of the best i ever tried!

    After almost one month i'm something like 3kg lighter, but look fuller!

  2. I just began this stack tuesday. Just using 3 of each per day, dosing as the bottles say. Thinking of upping my shift to four caps a day as well though. I haven't really been feeling much so far but I'm only in the third day and won't have my first workout until this afternoon. I don't really sweat any more often that I notice. Seemed to have quite a bit of sweat while riding my motorcycle but I assume that's because it's over 100 degrees outside here. haha.

  3. I think keeping Shift at 4 caps is the best dosing! Still using it

  4. Ok, so 6 weeks after i have to say PES did they work developing such products.

    I LOVE the stack, both ERASE + Shift. I'm i'm the lowest weight i ever remember to have... Without less the efforts, maybe not effort but dumbs things, i did in the past.

    I will recommend it to everyone. One of my friends is using AT2 and Erase and loving it too!

    Now is time to start my bottles of Anabeta


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