When will Erase be back in stock at NP?

  1. When will Erase be back in stock at NP?


  2. Will have to look into this. I am also sure that Natty will stop by to update
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by funkd0c View Post
    When PES has made more product (Josh can answer this) and Nutra has purchased it to have in stock (a NutraPlanet representative will no doubt create a thread when it is available again)

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  4. Natty has been notified about this, hopefully he'll chime in soon

  5. I just got an update on this.... NP should get more stock tomorrow or Wed the latest

  6. Thank you DF
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  7. Thank you very much

  8. too bad, i just had to buy inhibit-e instead.

  9. Looking like wednesday
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