Shelf life of Alpha-T2

  1. Shelf life of Alpha-T2

    I got a bottle of Alpha-T2 when it first came out I believe, it was combined with a tub of Jack3d for only a few bucks extra. I believe this was about a year or year 1/2 ago. I have not used a single pill. Are the pills still good to take after all this time?

    One more quick question.. Is this safe to take close to the same time I take my pwo such as 1.M.R./Assault/Pump-Bol? I don't want to get the jitters.

    Thanks, Wooly

  2. Hey dude,

    isnt there a exp date on your bottle ?

    greetings Spogi

  3. Expiration date is 3 years from manufacture date. It should be imprinted on the label somewhere.

    It will be good for a long time...just dont keep it in your car or something

    You can take 1 Alpha-T2 with your stim preworkouts like Jack3d, 1MR, etc
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  4. Thanks for the response guys, I missed that small dark print on the black label.. I'm good until 2013!

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