Erase and a prohormone.

  1. Erase and a prohormone.

    Ok currently cutting with a keto diet (down 15lbs for march and down 65lbs from my high of 285) and looking at my options to help maintain the muscle i gained over the winter and get rid of the fat. Have been watching the threads on erase and it looks good, been meaning to try a cort blocker/reducer and i tend to be higher in the estrogen department so that looks good too. Was thinking of running epi and 11oxo but replace the 11oxo with erase (yes i know epi tends to dry out joints though i never had any issues even at 60mg ed, and know erase will do the same) so i was thinking maybe h-drol with erase. What do you think?

  2. Think it's best for pct as cort control and for anti-e. Maybe shift would help out during cycle for some extra fat loss?

  3. Been using Erase @ 3 caps a day while on my Dymethazine/ test-e cycle. It's been doing a decent job keeping the bloat down but I think I may up it to 4 caps to see how that is.

    To me it's sounds like a good idea. I'd go with the Shift/Erase combo at the planet so you save $$

    I don't typically use AI's during PCT but I do use DIM or I3C during PCT.

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