Triple Crown Stack

  1. Triple Crown Stack

    I have started taking this stack. I will up the dose to the recommended one according to PES, since it has been 3 days already. I have read some good reviews on it so I hope to get some good results. Just a little about my self, I'm in the military and currently deployed in Afghanistan. Before deploying over here I hurt my back and wasn't able to work out much. I began my leave prior to my deployment and then my wife had our little boy which added another 10 days and all I did was spend time with the family and ate a lot but did not work out. Well I gained a lot of weight with all of it being fat. I deployed at a crazy 245 pounds. Well after 7 months of working out and eating in moderation I am down to 202. I would like to loose some more fat and retain as much muscle as possible. I'll try to post a before and current picture but I would like to lean out a little more before I head back home in less than two months.

    I was taking Lean EFX before I started and I have a couple of them left, would it be bad to stack these two or just leave the lean EFX alone? I plan on ordering some OEP about a month out from me heading home. Would it be ok to stack the OEP with the triple crown or should I just hold what I got.

    I currently workout twice a day since I have the time to do so. I do cardio at lunchtime and then lift at dinner time. For cardio I either run or do some type of circuit training and for lifting I do a 6 day split hitting each muscle twice a week. As for eating it is kind of hard to have a strict diet here but not impossible. Where I stay at is a civilian camp and the food for the most part is not too bad or too fattening. Once I get home I will be able to control more what I eat.

    So I guess what I'm asking after all this rambling is, it is ok to take the Lean EFX with the ALPH-T2 for the rest of the bottle which I think is a total of 10 to 15 pills. Thanks

  2. Yup that is fine
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  3. Thanks, I'll post how this stack goes. I'm liking it so far to be honest I'm look forward to seeing how begins to work in week 3 and 4.

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