Thoughts on Alpha T2/Erase/OEP

  1. Thoughts on Alpha T2/Erase/OEP

    Well, I'll review these items as a package as opposed to individually as I, well, ran them all at the same time I didn't have any prior experience with any of these supps, and I decided to run them together as such not only by recommendation but because I had acquired 2 free bottles of OEP, and before running them I wanted to have some sort of cortisol control to minimize stimulant induced catabolism (which might be more fiction than fact, but I was worried regardless).

    Before I get onto final thoughts, a few interesting things I encountered with these supps. I actually haven't finished this cycle - I have about 3 days left of an 8 week run. I dosed everything 3x a day from day 1 (split into two servings) since I knew my body was highly tolerant to stims - I used to take pseudophedrine and ephedrine tabs when younger for bronchitis. Absolutely no sides for 6 weeks. At week 6/7, my right knee started hurting a lot and I suspected my joints were drying up, so I started dosing Erase at 2 caps ED and upping my fish oil intake to about 9-10g. The pain receded after 4-5 days and I went back to 3 caps ED without problem. Lastly, I actually started to feel very, very hot doing cardio starting week 8 of use. Never felt anything like it. I definitely noticed it doing low intensity stuff (~120-130 heartrate) after lifting.

    Anyways, the first thing I have to say about the results from this is I really feel like a dumbass for not having taken before and after photos of my cut. I train like a beast as it is, but these products really helped me maintain that intensity on a calorie deficit and blast a lot of fat away at the same time. Another thing I found very interesting is that alpha antagonists really do work, and it's very strange to see them in action. I know how my body drops fat, where it takes it off first and where it leaves last. It did not follow this pattern with these supps and it came off evenly from just about everywhere, which actually makes you look much better than you actually are, bodyfat % wise. I started looking like I was around 22% and am now at about 14%.

    Anyways, I think I could have made better use of these supps if I had actually done more AM cardio. I didn't have a chance as it was supremely cold over here this year. I'd love to run this in the Spring again, and plan on doing it after a short 4 week break, when I can do cardio alongside lifting to really maximize my results. I did not feel any appetite suppression from this, but I dont really care.

    Don't know what else to say, but I have recommended PES to some friends based on my results with this run. Great job on these supps guys.

  2. Thanks for the detailed review!
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  3. Very nice review!!

  4. im gonna give OEP/ T2 a go in a week

  5. Thanks for the review. Alpha-T2 and Erase give some pretty nice results indeed

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