1. AT-2/Erase/OEP

    Well, I know OEP is not your product, but it's so commonly stacked that I'm throwing it in here. Anyways, all I gotta say is wow ... 4 weeks into my cut and I dropped some serious weight fast. Granted, at 250 I was holding a lot of water weight. With that said, I'm now at 230 and have still been making strength gains steadily.

    Now, I do have a few questions, some of which are very general questions. One of the ideas I had when I got these products is that if it really is mobilizing/releasing fat for metabolism, that I would take what would be a normal cutting diet and subtract a theoretical (read: bull****) amount of extra calories from that, and consider the fat that's supposedly released as being macros consumed. I feel that it might have been ok to do considering as, like I said before, I continue to make strength gains in the gym. For a better question, if I run this product for all it's worth (about 8 weeks), should I re-upp my macros to compensate (since I will still be on a cut after I run out)?

    Lastly, concerning Erase, it says I shouldn't take it for more than 8 weeks at a time without cycling. If I run it for 8 weeks, what other supplements should I avoid while off of this for 4 weeks?

    Thanks again.

  2. I would reupp your protein and complex carbs, but that is it. Also throw in some BCAAs if you can handle the taste (i cant, except for modern BCAA)

    As for the Erase, just avoid all other supplements that may effect estrogen or cortisol for those 4 weeks (anything with ATD, Lean Xtreme, etc)

    Glad you're loving the stack! We recommend for one reason and one reason only...IT WORKS
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