Erase for PCT

  1. Erase for PCT

    Starting 450-500mg of 11-oxo today. Running for 6 weeks.

    Will Erase and Titanium suffice as PCT?

    Should I throw in some Resveratrol or DAA?


  2. Really?

  3. 6 weeks at high doses would need a SERM in my opinion.

    I personally would use DAA + SERM + Erase.

    11-OXO is a mild PH but like I said 6 weeks at high doses would warrant the use of SERM. Even if you dont use the SERM it's better to have on-hand and not use it than need it and not have it.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by monstermash View Post
    Even if you dont use the SERM it's better to have on-hand and not use it than need it and not have it.
    Very good advice right there

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  5. Don't waste a SERM on 11oxo PCT. Erase is fine. There is virtually no shutdown at those (low) doses.

  6. Agreed. People forget just how toxic SERMS are. Should only be used for heavy cycles in my opinion.

  7. Wow. Quite the opposing arguments here... I am officially more confused then I ever was.

  8. Erase will low your Cortisol too like 11-oxo (Adrenosterone) so NOT good idea and you will blow your joints

    11-OXO + Androhard and for PCT Testosterone Recovery Stack

  9. Yeah, the reason I chimed in was because I was surprised at the advice you were getting.

    11-OXO is VERY mild, and 450-600mg ED is a LOW dose.

    People use SERMS to come back from 12+ week cycles of injectable test, not ****ing 11oxo..

    Here is some bloodwork post 11oxo cycle similar to the one you are planning. People around here seem increasingly clueless.

    Having a SERM on hand is always good, but don't plan on using it for a cycle this trivial.

    Also, 11oxo is tissue specific cortisol reduction. Whereas erase is not.

  10. You dont need a PCT with 11-OXO, although some like to be safe and do a PCT. It will not hurt at all, and you will benefit from an Erase + Titanium stack one way or another. If you were to do a PCT, Titanium and Erase at 2-3 caps per day will be perfect.

    You dont need a SERM with 11-OXO IMO, I trust Pats judgement and he says you do not need one (the maker of 11-oxo)
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