Final Review of the ERASE and Alpha-T2

  1. Final Review of the ERASE and Alpha-T2

    Final Review of the ERASE and Alpha-T2

    I want to go ahead and get this out now, I have another few days or so on the Alpha-T2 and as we already know I had to stop taking the ERASE due to an injury that has effected the entire outcome of this log unfortunately. However my opinion of both products is actually very high and will go into some detail of each of them below.

    Week 1 - Well as many of you know I had just completed a PCT about a month before starting this and I just didn't feel that my testosterone levels were up to snuff. My testicals were still smaller than they were before taking the ProHormone. After a few days of being on the ERASE I noticed I was urinating more frequently. Not too much else going on that first week.

    Week 2 - Second week starts and I am noticing more of an Alpha Male feeling which had been absent since about the first week of my PCT. I also noticed my libido was starting to get back up to what it was pre cycle. I was retaining less water under my skin and my joints were starting to dry up a bit, and testicles seemed as if they may be a little but fuller. Strength was coming up on my push exercises too.

    Week 3 - Even though I was working around injury and not lifting too heavily I continued to notice my Alpha male type aggression levels climbing. Libido sky-rocketed in the 3rd week. I was getting random wood at various times of day and waking up with an erection was basically a given. As a matter of fact I pretty much had an erection each time I woke up in the middle of the night. My shoulder was hurting pretty bad by this point. I had to lighten up the load on the weights. It was this week that I spoke with PES reps regarding the strength of the anti-cortisol properties of ERASE. We came to the agreement that with my injuries worsening I indeed needed higher cortisol levels to help with the inflammation and healing process. SO the ERASE was discontinued at this point.

    My overall experience with ERASE was actually very positive and if I hadn't have been injured when starting it the Cortisol issue would not have been a problem. In summary, ERASE did exactly what it stated it should. All signs pointed to increased testosterone levels like increased libido, increased testicular size, and an increase in Alpha Male feeling. I was not able to exploit the strength gains but weights were feeling lighter to me than expected. Even now a week off from using it and my testicles are still very full. So it seems ERASE kicked my natural test levels back up into high gear.

    This was not my first time using Alpha-T2, I had used it once before with good results during a recomp. I did not push for a cut on this as I initially expected too. I can't lie my motivation took a good hit when it became obvious my shoulder was getting worse not better. I loosened up quite a bit on my food intake during the weekends, well I should say I did not tighten up as much as I should have for my weekends considering I had just been doing a full on carb load every weekend. I needed to tighten my weekends up more. I still kept them lower intake than I was when loading aggressively all weekend. However, I did not keep them clean enough for me to see any amazing weight loss either.

    Barring the fact I did not give my diet the attention it deserved I still lost some weight during this period. I am down about 3 lbs right now which is not a WOW factor by any means but considering I haven't really pushed my diet like I should, and my cardio has been very low intensity and limited to 2-3 times a week AND I am not burning the extra calories I do when lifting intensely that is actually a pretty good reaction on the scale. I feel like with how I ate at times I should probably not have lost any weight at all, so that is pretty darn good in my opinion.

    Rather than give a time line of the results I will tell you about the experience and things that let me know the A-T2 was in full effect. Generally withing 15-30 minutes after taking a capsule I noticed my body warming up. My hands would get a little warmer too. About an hour after taking it my hands would be sweating and on one or two occasions I sweat enough just sitting here to feel a drop of sweat run down my side. Really a gross feeling when you are not doing anything to sweat... LOL However definite proof of the stellar ability to increase core temperature. During this time I also opted to change my meal plans from a 6 meal a day plan to a 4 meal a day plan. Pushing back some of my feedings by a couple hours. I found that there were times that even though I should have been starving I had to remind myself to eat or even looked down and it was an hour after when my next meal was scheduled and I missed it. That is some great appetite control in my book.

    I wish I had the motivation right now to just kill it and cut but with even aerobic activity making my shoulder ache it is hard to get myself motivated right now. I know looking at this particular run you can not tell that I lost a lot of weight and honestly I did not. However this was due to my inconsistency with my diet and my cardio. I will say that ALPHA-T2 is still my favorite thermogenic diet pill and as of right now will definitely be involved in my next competition prep. I feel that strongly about it's quality and effectiveness.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  2. Thanks Kleen! A very respected review

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