Iron Addict's Alpha-T2 Review

  1. Iron Addict's Alpha-T2 Review

    Iron Addict was one of the smartest guys I knew when it came to training, diet, and supplementation. I sent him a bottle of Alpha-T2 to try. He did not log it, but did post an honest review of the supplement. That was all I asked of him. This was his review:

    Quote Originally Posted by iron addict
    When the owners of PES approached me about forum sponsorship the first thing I always ask is what are you selling, and I always make sure they are a quality manufacturer, and are NOT selling any grey market products--in other words, products that are actually not legal and sold as "research" only. There are lots of that type of product on the market. Everything in Alpha-T2 is legal, and this is about as strong of a fat loss supplement you are going to find in a legal product.

    The main ingredient is T2 3,3. This is an active thyroid metabolite. Thyroid is generally nothing to mess with unless you are doing a lot of steroids and are ready for a rebound when you come off. I spent hours researching T2 3,3, it is MUCH different than the usually sold T2 3,5. Regular T2 is suppressive, less so than T3, but will still lower TSH. Some research was conflicting, but much showed it to be 20 times less suppressive than regular T2, so if done for short 4-5 week cycles there SHOULD be very little shut-down.

    The second item is methyl synephrine. It is a ephedrine replacement.
    Although they are structurally similar, ephedrine acts on the beta-2-adrenergic receptor, where-as methyl-synephrine works on the beta-3-adrenergic receptor. The beta-2 receptor is primarily used in cardiac control. Both the beta-2 and beta-3 receptors are used by the sympathetic nervous system to activate the breakdown of fat stores for energy and increasing your resting metabolism. Helps with fat loss, no jitters.

    The third ingredient is Rauwolscine or Alpha-Yohibine gives you better fat loss than regular yohimbine, without all the jiiters and heart rate/blood pressure elevation. SOME people WILL still suffer effects.

    All in all the ingredients in this product are extremely effective. BUT......this is NOT a beginners fat loss product, nor should you touch it if you are under 21. If you have a LOT of fat to lose ,ie, 20%+, save it until you have lost the majority of it. And I would not use this product for more than 4-5 weeks. I have gave it a spin for the last 8 days. At 2 caps in the morning I have a SLIGHT heart rate elevation, and warm feeling, and SLIGHTLY stimulated feeling. I am VERY sensitive to regular yohimbine and 14 mgs of regular yoimbine and I feel like I am coming out of my skin. With this product, I do not, but I do have a lot of appetite suppression. In 8 days I am noticeably leaner.

    You have been warned about the potential sides if ran to long, and all you 17-20 year olds that will run out and buy it despite the warnings, shame on you.

    Good product for the seasoned dieter, use the manufactures guidelines though. More is NOT better with this product.

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  2. R.I.P. IA

  3. wow, that is a very good and detailed review.... Iron Addict will be missed.... RIP IA

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