REAL Alpha-T2 Testimonials!!!!

  1. REAL Alpha-T2 Testimonials!!!!


    Reviews from NutraPlanet:

    AT2 + OEP By: shawn

    I Started this stack April 1, its been a little over 3 weeks now and I have lost over 10 lbs, and am maintaining my muscle and strength very well, I began this recomp with 2 weeks of full keto and am now carb cycling on my weight workout days M/W/F and keto the other days. OEP/Alpha T2/T-911 Recomp Review you can read my review and see some pics in my review in the forums. This review was about 2.5 weeks into my recomp…This is a great stack!

    Great Stack By: Trevor

    Ran this stack for 5 weeks. Lost 9lbs and 3% BF. No joke, this is legit if you have your training and nutrition down. I suggest doing some tabata training while taking this. You will notice a difference in a matter of 2 weeks. Make sure to keep your protein content high and I would take some BCAA's with it to keep your muscle mass and strength with cutting up. Enjoy.

    Good stack By: Chris

    Man this combination has me sweating like crazy with great focus and drive. I am only doing cardio right now but this combo is great for it. I have used ASGT for lifting before and I love it. Focus and drive are intense and increased strength is a nice addition.

    Synergy never felt so good By: Steve

    a-T2 and ASGT are individual powerhouses. The recomp effect of a-T2 produces a more lean appearance without the risk of thyroid shutdown. ASGT is the preworkout with more, literally setting new PRs every workout with this product. Put them together and you're getting stronger and leaner at the same time. Isn't that what everyone wants these days?

    Cutting Stack by Deeerdre By: Kyle

    I did this stack (Alpha-T2 + ASGT) back in March to lean out just a little bit, not only did I lean out but I added some muscle also! This stack is very easy to use and effective. ASGT mixes and tastes great...I put it in fruit punch juice and it was very good. AlphaT-2 is easy to use and boosts your energy and cutting appetite into high gear. Great stack and worth to try for fitting in the bathing suit for the summer.

    SICK STACK By: Josh

    2 caps of Alpha-T2 + 2 scoops of jack3d is crazy! Taking this 3x per week for my three workouts. Sometimes i will take 1 capsule of alpha-t2, it it is still very effective, but 2 make me so thermogenic i feel like i literally am melting the fat off


    From Around The Board!:

    I received a sample of this and gave it a shot. 2 caps first thing in the a.m (with coffee) and 1 in the mid afternoon. Very nice! I felt alert, focused and my internal temp cranked up a notch or two. I'm usually starving by 8am but this took the edge off my hunger. No troubles getting to sleep later that evening either. I know it was only a 1 day sample but I certainly liked it and it's something I may have to give a shot to my next "cut".edvanp from


    Profile: love it, multiple pathways of fatloss and the fact that it
    has no 3,5 diiodo is great because no worries of thyroid suppression.
    Nice mild mental stimulation , very mild but still apparent. Makes it
    perfect for stacking with other stim based products if desired. Much
    better than having Stim in it because overstimulated products are
    rampant on the market.

    Price: best priced fat burner and best in my opinion.

    I gave three to my dad and I took one to see the stim effect. I've typed up what my dad said about the product in text message.

    Dude that stuff had me sweating my ass off all day. You're right about
    the alpha yohimbe being better than normal yohimbe . I didn't get
    jittery and I wasn't sick and puking my stomach out like regular
    yohimbe product. Tell the guy who sent the samples. By the way do you
    know who has the best deal on it I want to get a few bottles for
    summertime it'll be great with the 11oxo and hdrol I'm running this
    sanchezgreg18 from


    So took 1 pill with my preworkout Jetfuse and it was great. I like the fact that from some fat burners I get an upset stomach and from this I did not. I was also able to go to bed with no problem. This will be a new add in the near future. Thanks so much for letting me try it out im glad I did.Good work PES nice product here!Marms from

    So yesterday I had the opportunity to try out PES's Alpha-T2. I was a little skeptical at first, but overall I feel it to be a solid product. The two major things that I noticed was a decreased appetite (due to the synephrine, i skipped my last meal of the day and just wasn't hungry all day) and an increase in body temperature (due to the T2..which staked with the T3/clen i'm taking...). It's something I would definitely recommend picking up as I feel it would help with thermogenesis and get you through any hunger spells you may experience while in a caloric deficit.TheDarkHalf from


    I received some samples of alpha t2 for a two day run,So here it goes.I took 2 caps in the am and 1 cap mid day.After taking the first 2 caps i noticed a warming feeling like my temp going up a lil bit.I also felt more alert and also a decrease in my hunger through out the day.I also did notice sweating a lot more during training,it was not like i was sweating all day thou.I also had no problems getting to sleep that night,if i had taking it later in the day maybe after 6pm,i might have had a problem going to bed.On the 2nd day i took 2 in the am and 1 mid day again.I felt the almost the same as the first day,but i did have more energy and today i was sweating all day not just my workout.So all in all i would like to get a bottle and see how this would work for a cut.I think this would be a good product for someone looking for that extra boost in a cutting cycle.– johnnyjuice from


    When I graduated high school in 2003 I was slim, not much muscle but worked out alot... Went to my first semester at college... lived in the dorms and did the party hardy thing.. Put on like 18 lbs in one semester

    Anyways lets jump to 2004. I joined the Marine Corps... boot camp pretty much left me skinny but without much muscle since all the workouts we did we endurance based and all my strength was pretty much done for

    Jump ahead to 2005. 2005 was probably the peak of my fitness up until recently anyways.

    This is me April 2005

    Well things were going great... until August 2005. In Aug 2005 I sustained a head injury that left me with a crack in my skull, a blood clot in my brain, a contusion, and i was bleeding 3 spots internally with a swelling brain. At first they were suspecting they would have to drill into my skull to relieve pressure but that didnt happen. Luckily I came out of the injury with no side effects... consider I had 2 doctors, a nuerologist, and 3 nurses tell me that the majority of the time a person with that severe of a head injury is dead, comatose, or paralyzed.

    Well with the head injury I was to keep activity down. I wasnt able to run, lift or workout for almost 6 months. By the time 6 months was up I was 21 years old and ready to party

    From 2006-2009 I partied... A LOT. I ended up getting myself into trouble and all kinds of crap. Well I tried working out... I worked out on a off a month at a time all 4 years.

    In March of 2009 my girlfriend (ex gf now) went to mexico.. while she was gone I decided I was gonna step on the scale. Now usually around that time my weight hovered around 216... I stepped on the scale and HOLY FXCK it said 228... my heaviest ever! And come to find out that scale was 7-8 lbs light

    So I decided it was time to get at it!

    From March to about July i workedout nonstop. Did some supp logs for Controlled Labs and my buddy RenegadeRows and here is was I accomplished

    At the time I felt like i made good progress... looking back i think I just got skinny fat and lost a chunk of muscle

    Jump ahead to late 2009... winter came... i got laid off... drinking ensued!

    Jan 2010 I decided to take a class at my school. And almost all of it was core work... I never realized the beauty of core work until then. All of my maxes went up. Once the class was over in March i continued working hard and ran a log of Alpha-T2 for nattydisaster and the PES boys and here is where you have me today

    As of today im sitting at about 206 on a accurate scale

    From March of 2009 to now my widest point which is love handle to love handle has dropped from 42 inches to 37 inches. I have dropped from almost 24% body fat to 14.99% the last time I got check a month ago

    I give all of the credit here to my dedication, my new dedication to diet, and the guys over at PES for the AlphaT2 which im sure was also pivotal in my progress... Stayed tuned... gonna run one more bottle along with some other goodies!

    -FlawedGrunt from
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  2. I took the last of my t-2 this morning, and did weigh in at hospital-very excited to have broken 200-199 was the weight, for a total of 7 pounds lost during this run of t-2. 7 pounds is very good by itself, but the recomp is even more telling.

    really going to miss the t-2, i had very good results and look much leaner. i have had a lot of compliments from friends, co-wokers and family members. i plan on running t-2 again real soon.

    in closing, the best review i can give a product is to say i will be using again-this is the case with alpha-t2, after a short break i will be back on it again real soon-very effective product!!! i highly recommend.
    thebigt from

    Day 30: Well, I don't usually like to hop on the scale before my weigh in on Sunday, but I made an exception this morning. Weight = 255.0lbs.

    That's down about 25lbs from where I was just 30 days ago.

    Well, my girlfriend managed to break her tailbone so I've been having to baby her. lol So I'm just now getting on and I had to "attempt" to take my own picture as a result. Anyway, I decided to do a "relaxed" shot for both day 1 and day 30. As opposed to the first pic where I was sucking it in and flexing. lol I'm not a big fan of putting my fat ass on the internet, and looking around at other threads, I can see I'm not alone, so while many people don't post pics at all, I'd just suck it up and do it. Kind of hard to tell straight on, but in the first pic I was comfortably wearing a 42" waist jean and a 3X tshirt was comfy 2X was snug and not real flattering. lol In the second pic I can wear 36s and I can easily fit into a 2X tshirt, but can get into a XL and the only places it's snug is on my arms, chest and back. Still a lot more work to do, but everything is moving in the right direction.

    Day 1 before AT2 and OEP Day 30 of AT2 and OEP

    - “Luisciphr1” from


    Now that BW has finished her run of Alpha T-2, I feel I can offer my final review without detracting from her progress. So, without further ado...

    First, the numbers:

    Starting Weight: 247lb
    I looked approximately like this:

    Ending Weight: 239 for a total loss of 8lb in 26 days!

    The thermogenic effects of T-2 are noticeable pretty much immediately. I began with 2 caps in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, and noticed drastic sweating and a large increase in body temperature from the first day. The effects began to diminish after ~2 weeks, but bumping the dose up to 4 caps a day rectified this problem and retained prominent effects through the end of the bottle.

    In addition to the thermogenic effects, I have to comment on the drastic increases in strength I saw while using this product. Surely do in part to Anadraulic State and the nutrient timing of my diet, Alpha T-2 none the less played a large part in setting multiple PRs in practically every major movement I perform. I have hit higher numbers than ever before in my life on bench, front squat, deadlift, power clean and push press while on T-2, and, I must point, on a large calorie deficit as well.

    I consider most "fat burners" more useful as an energy boost; i.e. take them to wake up, but don't really expect much in the way of lipolysis. They are the energy support to keep me functional during a low cal diet. T-2 breaks that paradigm; without being reliant on stimulants, it has proven more effective than just about every other fat loss product on the market for me. It's a far claim, but it is almost comparable to the results I have gotten from topical clen.

    I need to write up a thread relating all my favorite products in their respective categories, just to give folks an idea of what I like and why. But, if you've accompanied any of my logs for any length of time, you'll know that I LOVE T-911. I consider it my go-to supp for rapid strength gain. I have to add Alpha T-2 as being held in equally high regard for fat loss.

    It is unrivaled in its category by any commercially available product I have used.

    -Resolve from


    Alpha T2 Final Review:

    Here is my before Picture

    And my after picture:

    During the month that I took Alpha T-2 I only lost about 3 lb, but I do see a change in my body figure, feel and look much leaner and I set PR's on all of my heavy lifts.

    I took 3 caps total of Alpha T-2 a day, 2 in the morning and 1 6-8 hours later. The first 2 weeks I really noticed the thermogenic effects of T2- I was sweating a TON and I felt energetic most of the time. After the 2 weeks passed I wasn't sweating quite as much and started adding stims/energy supps into my supplement intake to help maintain my energy. I think my body was just growing accustomed to T2 so the effects weren't as great at the same dose during the 3rd and 4th week.

    Overall, Alpha T-2 worked as a great fat loss supplement for me. I would definitely use this product again. It is hard to find a solid fat loss supplement these days that actually has a significant impact on fat loss. Alpha T-2 proved to do what it said, and I as happy with the results it gave me in such a short time.

    -BabyWifey from


    OEP/Alpha T2/T-911 Recomp Review

    I Began Running this stack April 1, Dosing 1 of each first thing when I wake up and 1 of each around 6-7 hrs later. So far I've lost around 10 lbs, but the great part is its been pretty much complete fat loss and I have maintained my strength on all workouts.

    I've got a wide frame, but heres some changes so far.
    Waist: 35" down from 38"
    Shoulder Wrap: 52" (same)
    Neck: 17.5" (same)

    My body basically stores all the fat in my mid section and mostly in my love handles, both have noticeable changed.

    Workout Plan: Full Body DC with drop sets m/w/f, Abs & low-intense cardio tu/thur/sat.

    Diet: I started this with 2 weeks full keto, after my body was deep into keto I began carb cycling on my weight workout days (m/w/f) where I take in carbs pre-workout and post-wo.

    - “srgraham69” from


    last view of oep and alpha stack..

    its crazy i started the journey at 170 is when i started loggin on here about it but really i was up to 180 and then i lost down to 160 so thats a good amount of weight. i really love this product and will continue to use it in the future after rehab and everything i got going on . in that time due to the energy i got and then weight loss i did two all time personal goals

    1. did a bike marathon ..thats right 26.2 miles . i also have to credit jack3d as well cause did dose of that before it to up the energy dept.

    2. also did a 10 k running

    so over all i would def recommend those products not only did it shed off weight and body fat it made def goals

    normally i would include a pic but me in a sling is not kewl lol . so however will just have to believe the hype until out of sling . but i love the products and ewill come back !
    “newbie2bb” from


    My review of alpha-T2

    After a month, I am maintaining my same weight of 173lb (this morning) while still continuing to make progress in the gym and with the cardio. I find myself noticing more veins here and there. The newest ones have started appearing on and around my core/obliques. Hopefully they're the beginning of good things.

    I've been eating a lot! Cardio + Hard Work + increased metabolism can certainly have that effect. Been averaging closer to 2800 calories with the amount of activity I've been doing. I make sure that I'm eating every three hours, more often if I'm feeling hungry before the 3 hour mark. I don't mess around when it comes to food.

    Well I haven't gained any weight and I also appear to be more vascular. I'd have to say that if I were to go into a full on calorie restricted diet I'd probably shrink away. And we can't have that.

    Certainly no jitters from alpha-T2. The only things I could really say are unwanted side effects would include increased perspiration, and occasional fatigue. I don't know if I can attribute the fatigue to alpha-T2 due to a lot of stress on me this passed month at work.

    * BONUS POINTS! 10/10
    My log, I'll do what I want! Anyway, something that wasn't included in the original 'how will you be rating,' system that should have been is alpha-T2s versatility. This would be an amazing compliment to ANY fat burner, preworkout product, or any other weight loss supplement. Which is apparent on Nutraplanet with all of the stacks that are available with alpha-T2.

    If I'm feeling extra sluggish (not enough sleep,) alpha-T2 + an energy drink. Maybe some extra fat burning; alpha-T2 + eca like thebigt is currently doing. Want to gain strength and burn fat at the same time, I give you alpha-T2 and ASGT from LG Sciences. The ultimate non-stimulant powerhouse (what I'm currently taking as of Monday,) alpha-T2, X-Lean, and DCP; which can still be stacked with a stimulant of choice.

    Final score! 8.6/10

    That's a great score for a fat burner. Short of a pill doing all the work for you, you couldn't really ask for anything more from such a versatile non-stimulant.

    Pre - 173lb

    Post - 173lb

    SilentBob from


    Went from only seeing abs when flexing to clearly visible abs relaxed. Delts and pecs also more pronounced due to losing fat from upper arms and chest.

    Great stack-- sense of euphoria and nice clean stim effect with no negative sides whatsoever. –
    “KingLouisXXV” from

    Alpha-T2 by itself: i love the stuff! kicks my ass even harder than EC stack - niCee99 from
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

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