alpha-t2 + methyl fire?

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    alpha-t2 + methyl fire?

    i saw this combination listed on another site and was wondering how effective this stack might be? i was thinking of doing one cap mf/one cap a-t2 twice daily to start.

    here are the ingredients for rockhard formulations methyl fire- every 2 caps =

    125mg Caffeine
    10mg Methyl Synephrine
    100mg Ephedra Viridis
    50mg White Willow
    50mg Green Tea
    50mg Grapefruit Extract
    2mg Yohimbine HCL

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    I would do 1 of each twice daily to start, like you have planned. I wouldnt go past 2 methyl-fire in a day, and not past 3 AT2 in a day
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