Target Market?

  1. Target Market?


    Wonder if alpha T2 is targeted at people who are looking to lose a lot of fat, or just those last few lbs?

    Would you say it's designed for losing 0-5lb 5-10 10-15 or 20+

    Thanks Just curious.

    Also noticed you guys don't sell at (was checking out their supposedly cheaper shipping)

  2. NP has some cheap shipping!

    Alpha-T2 can be used to help assist in any kinds of weight loss. For instance, we had one user on here who ran a log and lost 25lbs, and other who are recomping and lose 5-10lbs.

    All depends on your dose and combined diet and exercise!
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  3. cool.

    I've been reading about it and it seems to make you sweat like a pig. Might be awkward to use in an office :S

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