Powermax sample

  1. Powermax sample

    Holly ****!! I got my free sample in the mail in days. Then I took it before dead lift day.for a back round I'm 64 225, 37 and been in the gym hard for 2 years.ive taken lots of the big guys Prework outs. Like a lot of new lifters I was looking for the short cut that all you big guys know isn't there. If you want to get big you need to eat and kill it in the gym. I normally go from assault to jacked 3d and they work great. But to day I tried power max and holly **** I killed it like never before. I took it at 430 got to the gym by 500. By 530 I was dead lifting 30 lbs more then ever before. And I squat and dead lift 2 times a week and I killed it. I'm writing this at 800 and sill feel no pain and could go back to the gym and go again. I wouldn't have left but I had my girls with me. This is hands done the most intense Prework out I've ever tried.i can't wait to try other flavors because fruilt punch was the best tasting sup I've ever tried and I've tried A LOT ( looking to cheat).thank you guys for making something that keeps normal guys like me intense,focused and killing it in the gym.

  2. Ok today tried jacked 3d micro and it has nothing to offer. Sorry usp labs I love your stuff but micro doesn't do much. Power max is still the king.

  3. Hell yea i really apprecite the review! You should throw it up under our product in the Product Reviews section. As well we have a contest thats giving out a FREE Bottles of PowerMax. All you have to do is post your review in the Supplement Reviews/Log section and then put the link in our contest thread and your entered to win!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  4. Glad you had a fantastic experience on Powermax. I've never been much of a Jack3d fan, the new one had more to offer than their first formula. However did not suit my needs, and came up short when compared to Powermax.

    BUMP to what Adizzle said, take a moment to like our company FB page and automatically enter to get more free Powermax! Which PWOs have you taken in the past, and how does Powermax stack up against your past favorite PWOs?

    Former- Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

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