what to stack with leviathan reloaded

  1. what to stack with leviathan reloaded

    need a help.. dcp out of stock.. so?? any suggestions?? thanks guys..

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmm any idea when dcp will be back??? its worth the wait!!!!!!

  3. 2 weeks i heard due to something out of RPN's control, its worth the wait though man.

  4. I know2, I hate to replace dcp.. I'm in a week of dcp and its like a magic.. but I'm in a bit hurry.. shipping to my place take about 2-3 weeks..
    I need it by the end of this month.. so?? no suggest.???

  5. Im about to start a LR and LX designer supplements stack I read alot about it and it seemed pretty good, originally i was gonna do the LR and DCP but yeah its out and i needed it asap. you can check up on my profile for my log when i run it.

  6. Last summer I stacked it with TD trione. Wow, what a combo! I lost about 4-5 pounds in 4 weeks and strength went up the whole time.

    Looking back, I do think I liked LR. It wasn't a very potent stim but now that I think of it, I made some nice body comp and strength progress on that stack.

    Oh and for some reason, I liked LR better with 5on and 2on. I can't remember why I dosed like though

  7. Reset A.D.

  8. I am currently stacking it with Lean Xtreme. I have done this stack in the past and I had awesome results.


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