Leviathan + DCP

  1. Leviathan + DCP

    Can someone explain to me the synergy between these two in laymen's terms?


  2. DCP increases fat loss primarily by liberating fat into the bloodstream. the rasberry ketones also provide a non-stim thermogenic.

    Leviathan reloaded (since apparently regular is no more) provides some agents that are for lean muscle building, as well as other thermogenics both stim and non stim.

    What makes them synergistic particularly is that there is 0 ingredient overlap Really helps, cause taking 2 products with forskolin for example could have you using the bathroom frequently

  3. Easy layed it out really well.

    Only I will clarify is that they are both VERY well thought out products, by two top notch companies. One is a mild stim, other is non stim.

  4. sweet, thanks guys

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