Paravol/Aspire ok for women?

  1. Paravol/Aspire ok for women?

    just wondering if these are ok for use in women, to increase sexual drive?

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    just wondering if these are ok for use in women, to increase sexual drive?

    lower doses of Aspire are for the ladies, like our new female version, the orginal version would be too strong.
    As for the Paravol, keep that for yourself my

  3. Low dose (not yet available other than beta capsules) is ok for women. the full dose is too strong

    Paravol... actually could be taken by a woman..
    if dosed at One capsule a day, it would work (similar to how Leviathan's test boosting properties work with women) to increase their libido... im not 100% sure how this would effect a chick though bc i dont know anyone who has done it. but I cant think of a negative interaction with any of the ingredients with a woman... any guinea pigs????

  4. As for the beta product, send me a bottle and i'll get my women to give detailed feedback, it'll be the most fun product review i've ever done, lol.

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