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    Quote Originally Posted by mr loads
    I finally got to test this beast last night.

    I popped one around 8pm. I had a date lined up with this chick I banged last Monday. I was supposed to pick her up at her house and take her to mine for some a good drilling.

    I get to her house and she walks out, damn! Wearing a tight top and a skirt.

    We get to my place and make out for a little bit. I'm instantly hard as a rock. I'm lifting up her skirt, fingering her ham sandwich and all that.

    I slide down her panties and lift up her skirt and threw her down on my bed. I go to town on those meat curtains for a while. Meanwhile my c0ck is rock hard about to poke a hole through the mattress.

    I make her cum and make her suck my c0ck while I finger her. I put on the condom and get on top and start drilling her for a while. I'm freakin rock hard all this time. She feels tight as hell.

    We switch to doggystyle because she loves it and this is how we banged for like the next hour. I'm not even kidding. I'm rock hard the whole time.

    So that was part 1 of the bangfest.

    She wasn't going to sleep over but she fell asleep so I had to take her back home sometime this morning before 6am. Around 5am she wakes up and I'm ready for more vag hammering. This time though my c0ck is harder than before. You could hang a wet towel on it.

    She sucks it for a little bit and goes to me "wow so hard". I smiled and she said to grab some latex. I put it on and seriously it was hard as fuk. I hammer that hatchet wound some more. She's going nuts. I flip her over and pound her from behind until I bust.

    I pull out and the condom is like half full with carbgoo. Fuking Paravol for ya!!!

    Good times.

    I want to make the best of this pill so I'll have to call another chick for tonight.

    To be continued....
    Quote Originally Posted by Originally Posted by xj
    First off I would like to thank Dave and PAL for allowing me to test Aspire36. Dave contacted me and asked if I would test this product out, because of my sexy time prowess was leaked and circulated the masses via the internet. Okay, so a little hyperbole, but nonetheless I received a liquid cap of Aspire36.

    I am a very skeptical person but at the same time, PAL is a great company so I wanted to make sure I gave a non-basis review. Being a cerebral person that I am, I than thought to myself what if these fockers sent me a placebo? I could envision Dave and the rest of his cohorts at PAL’s HQ laughing their asses off that they sent me a birth control pill, and that I am singing from the roof tops that I was pumping all night like a pr0n star…

    With that being said, I started coming up with my expectations of what I expected from Aspire36. I set my goals low. I just wanted to get hard. After striking out Sunday night taking forever to get aroused, I could keep the arousal up. A couple of nights later that did change, my libido did skyrocket back-up. So, I raised my expectations and wanted to get real hard.

    I popped my cap at 9:15pm, after a long strenuous day on AM errrr at work. I had been planting the seed all day long. Calling the lil lady up, and telling her how beautiful she is. Just complimenting her overall appearance, and give a little boost to her ego. She really did not pay attention to my comments, but once I mentioned the word shopping. Her attention was all mine. Next thing you know she is talking dirty to me and started telling me what she wanted to do…

    10:15pm the lil lady and I were in our bedroom. She was trying on her new outfits, and as she was undressing, dressing, undressing, dressing, it started to turn me on. She finally jumped into bed and I was already ready to go. I was nice and firm, but I was trying to see if it was harder than usual, but was interrupted when the lil lady asked if I was going to put it in her or stand there staring at my pennis all night???

    So as we engaged in coitus, is when I really started to feel the difference. It seemed like each pump was giving me a pump. This intensified the feeling. So as my confidence rose I started testing my boundaries and her flexibility. She noticed the extra-strength hard-on and commented on how hard I was and how good it felt.

    Stamina wise it felt good, except when I started cramping up, damn Clenbuterol and Retain 2. I actually felt a lot more stimulated, but controllable. After I was done it was lights out. And when I woke up in the morning, the morning wood fairy had sprinkled some morning wood dust on me. Usually when I get morning wood, I would say it would be about 75-80% hard, but this morning it was about 105%.

    Overall my pennis would give Aspire36 a nice standing salute!!! It made me feel powerful and virile, the only downside, I can’t wait to get me some more.
    Quote Originally Posted by mrT
    ok got my samples on tuesday, thanks dave. mail came around noon, immediately took 1 pill. first thing i noticed was when i went to take a leak i was semi-erect, not wood just fuller than normal. this continued all day. second thing i noticed, wasnt any more horney than usual. finally had sex with wife around 10pm. great wood, best hard on in long time. after 30 minutes of serious autoplow the wife had had enough, i wasnt even close. took matters in my hand and i thought i would never finish. load was less than expected, but i just came off paravol 2 weeks ago. overall more than i expected.

    day 2. much better, had morning sex. i was in control but felt like i could get a nut when i was ready. wife was pleased with day 2 results. i like the feeling of being able to go anytime, but not feeling like you have no control over sexual urges. i am very pleased with increased size of erection, not sure my wife more sensitivity on day 2. my thoughts are although aspire works great at pefomance, i cant wait to stack paravol with it. paravol really gives me fire in the belly.

    i did the red liquicap. i still have 2 oldschool. this is day 3 and i still feel effects. i can will my self a woody just thinking about some of my favorite naked women. if i take an oldschool today are the effects cummulative 'no pun intended' or will effects diminish the longer you take it. the increased girth is kinda cool. i like the vascular look,lol. i dont think the wife is crazy about it but i love it.
    Quote Originally Posted by whey
    Well, I got my sample yesterday and gave it a go last night with the gf....

    let me first say I tried some similar products like Stamina Rx but nothing was anything close to this stuff...

    I took it then decided to go swim in my gf's pool... within 30 mins the stuff kicked in as I got a hard on in the cold pool. So we decided to go to her room where my hard on never went away... We ended up ****ing for a good period of time, both finished happy then in an hour we decided to go for round 2....... I was even HARDER then I was the 1st time.... this never happens after I cum but it did and I was able to shoot a 2nd time after another long session.

    side effects? None. Unlike Stamina-Rx(which I used to pimp as the best product of this type) I got no dizziniess, head aches or botchy redness.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by jon
    Got my sample yesterday. I took it last night around 7:00. I've used Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra in the past.
    I actually like this. I wasn't expecting much to be honest, but the results were along the lines of what I've experienced with Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra.
    I'd prefer Aspire36 simply because it didn't give me a headache and make me feel like I was all stuffed up like the prescriptions do.
    I'll be sticking with the scripts though due to cost effectiveness.
    I'm sure it'll be cheaper at the online stores like Nutraplanet, but for now the chem research companies have worked great for me.
    For those without access to scripts, I do give this a 10/10
    Quote Originally Posted by kabota
    I took my sample and the result was very impressive. Very hard erection and that was still going strong even after ejaculation. I have never had that kind of experience even in my younger years.

    However it is funny you mention those sides as that is exactly what I had today. My eyes felt like it had a pressure behind them, slight headache ,i felt slightly stopped up and I have dry mouth. I am not sick however and it did not stop me from ordering 3 bottles.
    Quote Originally Posted by jeff
    I took my dose yesterday around 6 or 7, and for the rest of the night had spontaneous erections with minimal to zero stimuli. I also ended up with a headache by the end of the night, but that could have been from other reasons. Today, morning wood...stronger than usual. Haven't had the pleasure of putting it to good use yet though. Will report later if so...
    Quote Originally Posted by joe
    Wanted to thank PAL for the sample of Aspire36, and figured it would only be fair to review it. Aspire36 worked as billed for me. Within about 1 hour of taking it I noticed an increased libido, and had a long session with the wife about four hours later. Woke up through the night about 5 times with uncomfortably hard morning wood, like I rolled over and it hit the mattress and woke me up. Had to wake the wife and work that off too. Only side to speak of was a dull headache, no stuffed nose or backache like I've had when experimenting with other products. All in all, Aspire36 worked as promised. Nice product, I foresee big sales with this!
    bLacKjAcK's ReVieW of Aspire36!!!!

    So I took my first dose at about 6pm on Saturday night. Had to wait for my son to go to bed obviously which came at about 9pm. So not 1 minute after he gets in bed I am on top of my beautiful wife. Let me tell ya, the erection strength on this is WOW. You couldn't bend me with pliers. I noticed a pretty big difference in stamina, went forever. So after about an hr and a half of good fun and lots of sweating (GREAT cardio session) we were done. Watched Smokin Aces, about an hr through the movie....DING! out of nowhere Mr. Johnson needed to make an appearance, and he did!

    So, round two begins...basically the same as the first time except this time I had to cut it a bit short bc my wife was a tad tired (we need some womens Aspire!!).

    So we start the movie back and finish it, and pass out about 1am. Good deep sleep until about 5am....DING!...Mr. Johnson is baack. I was like nooooooooooo! So I decided something has got to be done, I make my way to the bano and give him what he needs.....back to bed till 9am.

    So after church on Sunday we make our way home to have another session ( Aspire is still kickin' ). Another great sex episode! Then we pass out for a nap.... I wake up 2 hrs later...DING!...but my son is awake so we had to wait till he went to bed last night at 8:20....I made it early this time .....I had too...and so the story goes....

    And that is about it. it was a great time with Aspire this weekend, couldn't of picked a better weekend. This stuff is ALL it is hyped up to be, basically like every other PAL product...and I damn! enjoyed my "test session"

  3. Quote Originally Posted by metroba's bro-in-law
    Hey just letting you i got a call from brother in law telling me that i received my sample (the one i originaly signed up for and never arrived) and he said it was all busted up. he asked me what it was and i told him about it and told him the link. anyway he told me he sucked all the juices outa the bag what was left in it. and he said he almost put his wife in a coma. hehe
    Quote Originally Posted by snuts
    My wife literally sounded like a commercial for this product, but she had no clue I took anything.
    Right out the gate, as soon as we were naked he was standing at full attention. Her comments were damn babe were you dreaming of this?
    Other comments: Damn he felt big. Did you take an extra Paxil ( I take this and it makes me last longer). Aspire increased that time even more. You are still that hard??(after we were finished and I was cleaning up in the restroom).

    It sounds like a cheesy infomercial I know, but this **** is LEGIT. However, I did have several sides too, but nothing major.
    Slight pressure behind my eyes, headache all day and dry mouth. I ordered 3 bottle so it will be interesting to see if thos subside.
    Quote Originally Posted by swole
    Well where shall I begin...........ok, so I took my lovely little sample pill that I received Friday afternoon, on Friday evening. I couldn't wait to take it, just to see how It reall worked. I was lucky enough to have the old lady comming over that night......and the next ! Well any who, to make a very long story short, I was called an animal, and I damn felt like one too!!! I was really suprised and the recovery and endurance that this stuff gave me. I mean I'm a horn dog anyway, but this stuff really, really inmpressed me. Definatley gave me super confidence, and that is just synergistic with the endurance / ecovery aspects of this supp. Made me a lot more ballsy and brave/ aggressive. I was taking a police entrance exam on saturday morning, and I couldn't really concentrate on the test, because I was concentrating on the proctor that was in the room i was in! LOL!! She looked pretty good, but I wanted to tear her up ! I was at attention(if you know what I mean) for the whole 3 hours that I was there taking the exam! After I took the exam I left the room( I really concentrated on getting a limp one goin, LOL) and went to the bathroom. Well the hallway attendent that was by there was also cute, and she looked up a me and .....WHAM!!! Rught back to attention! I had to walk out of that place with one of my hands in my pocket to keep it down,and the papers in my other hand in front of me ! This stuff is not good for me to be walking around in public, cause I will have to do a lot of sitting down! Either that or just tape the damn thing down to my leg Well had another super man episode o n Saturday night, and I definately felt the effects on Sunday, allthough not as pronounced , but definatley could still feel it! PAL........YOU GUYS DEFINATLEY HAVE A WINNER HERE!!!! It feels really good to have one of the type of supps that delivers on its promise. I was definately skeptical, but hopefull at the same time. You guys definately gave me more than what I expected! Thanks for puttin out such a great supp, and thaks for the opportunity to try it for free! I will definately be puchasing Aspire 36, no doubt!
    Quote Originally Posted by s-old
    i took my sample this past weekend and was VERY pleased with it. i've used a number of other "recreational" PDE5 inhibitors and i was pleasantly surprised. this stuff really works. i have no idea how it works, but it works. and yeah, the recovery latency goes to about 0. yall have a winner here.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by hyde
    WOW!!!! This product is freakin amazing!! You guys got it nailed down (actually I nailed it this morning!) I was starting to think the boner would not go away. The only issue I had was a terrible head ache. I don't care, I would take the head ache any day for the results I got off this. Thank you so much for this sample. When is it going to be available at Nutra?

    Quote Originally Posted by Coachjj3
    Kinds went to the in laws on Thursday am and on Friday we took off to the coast.

    By Sunday night my wife said if I come near her with my **** she'll shoot it. I only had taken 2 pills between Thursday afternoon and Sunday, but my god. Twice Thursday, morning Friday, nooner Friday twice Friday night before we hit the Santa Cruz boardwalk, one saturday morning and then once again when we landed at the new hotel. Sunday though she said she felt like she had be rubbed raw and needed a breather. She also asked what the hell had gotten into me because it was MORE then noticable the difference...

    thanks guys...It might be time for me to buy a lifetime supply. This helped a bit too since I am in the 2nd week of my post cycle therapy

    Thanks again


  5. .....
    Quote Originally Posted by Gregory_
    Got my three sample caps in this week.

    Well, at first I took it in and waited half an hour with my chick. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    Then when she started pinching it, sucking it and nibbling it, it got pretty hard. Not a different feeling yet. Then we went to another place in the room, good stuff. It wouldn't go down. Normally when you're interrupted it goes down quickly and has to be brought up again.

    Round one, didn't last longer than usual.

    Before second round: my wang was still three quarters hard. My chick commented on it and laughed (she knew i used it).

    A few licks and some touches and some nasty looks and it was up and ready again, basically zero refractory time. Im talking 3-5 minutes max. Rock hard this time. The more I pumped, the more it got harder. It almost felt painful, and my chick noticed it was harder than before as well.

    After a good 40 minutes I finally came. Had to recuperate cuz i don't do aerobics that much. 10 minutes later, happy with a smile on my face and a beer in my hand, my girl's ***** was on fire she told me, and I couldn't feel my wang anymore. It was that worn out.

    After these 10 minutes I didn't have any desire left to continue. While my chick held the ice cold beer bottle on my wang, it got 3/4 hard again. She was amazed. She gave it a few kisses but honestly, I could have gone a third round but wasn't up for it.

    This morning I woke up with a iron rod, no ****, harder than ever before. You know that feeling where the veins are just so filled it feels like your c*ck has a heart of it's own (the pounding i mean)? Here at work my colleagues are sending me pictures of hot chicks to keep on going through the day. I get a woodie everytime I open a new mail, damnit.

    I hope Palo Alto labs will send me a free bottle. Even though Im sitting at my desk here with a minor headache, it's not the type of headache other users report. I will gladly take this headache with it.

    Palo Alto labs, please lemme know if it's possible (PM or something)



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