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    Quote Originally Posted by bigla2004
    Final Review of INCARNATE
    Anecdotal Thoughts: First off I want to thank PAL for giving me the opportunity to do my first sponsored log. I'm now out of Incarnate, but the results have shown through. My goals were to bench 3x5x225 and do chinups 3x5xbw+45 by the end of this log. Both goals were met. I was curious to see how beta alanine would play out over strength gains in the lower reps and it has proved to be helpful. I also saw better sustained strength throughout the workout after my first main lift, I can attribute this to Incarnate. I am now a big believer in beta alanine after these 2 and a half months. As far as weight goes, this was interesting. At first I thought I wanted to recomp for summer. So as this log started there was heavy cardio at just below maitenance calories. I shaped up rather well and people around me noticed, especially the gf. Then about 1.5 months into the cycle, I realized I wasn't content at 6'0 185-187 at a low bodyfat around 8-9 percent I'd say, a 1-2 percent drop from the start of the log while increasing strength. I usually just go by mirrior though, and I had significant increase in veins in the shoulders and pants were fitting looser. Then I started a clean bulk, which I am continuing on still. I weighed in today at 190. I believe I put on a little extra fat as I don't have any veins in my shoulders anymore, but my abs and arm veins are still rather evident.

    The following are all PAL's claims on what incarnate is supposed to do for you, and I will evaluate each aspect of their claims:

    * Dramatic Increases in Explosiveness & Raw Strength
    * Significant Lean Muscle Gains
    * Increased Intensity & Capacity During Workouts
    * Supported Joints & Ligaments
    * Substantially Decreased Muscle Fatigue

    Dramatic Increases in Explosiveness & Raw Strength: 9.5/10 I will say there was a great gain in strenght throughout both phases of my log (recomp / bulk aspect) and that is what I really hoped for BA to provide.
    Significant Lean Muscle Gains: 8/10 can't complain, I didn't blow up or anything, but when bulking I did seem to tack on the lbs a bit easier than usual.
    Increased Intensity & Capacity During Workouts: 10/10 This part was huge, this became very clear to me in this last month of the log. Rest times were down, and I added a bit more volume in. Weights wouldn't just drop off as a result of those two and this put intensity at an all time high. The fact that my shock week (all supersets, dropsets and rest pause) weights went up steadily during this leads me to believe that this truely lives up to its claim in endurance lifting.
    Supported Joints & Ligaments: NA/10 I can't really make a claim here because at 18, my joints and ligaments still feel great. However, I can't say there was any substantial regression here, nor can I say I felt significantly better. Like I said though, there were no problems in this area before Incarnate.
    Substantially Decreased Muscle Fatigue: 8.5/10 This was a tough one to judge, seeing as I was rarely ever sore before this as a result of XTEND. With the addition to this, I was probably sore 5 times maximum throughout my whole log, which, impressed me. Seeing as I constantly upped reps or weight, I was expecting some DOMS to set in. I only had one really bad day after last weeks leg workout where I was truely really sore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainman
    Incarnate Final Review

    Current Stats

    Age- 25
    Height- 5'9"
    Weight- 179 -6
    Waist- 33" -1"
    Hips-37" -2"
    Thigh- 23.5" -.5"
    Calf- 14.5" -.5"
    Upper Arm- 15.5"
    Forearm- 14" +1"
    Chest- 44.5" +.25"
    Shoulders- 50" +.75"
    Neck- 16" -.5"

    1) Strength: 8/10
    - i got some great strength gains in the first 4 weeks, and kept most of them during the next 4 weeks of cutting.

    2) Explosiveness: 8/10
    - i had some really intense workouts during the past two months. i was able to move through my workout fairly quickly, and push up weights with more force.

    3) Endurance: 6/10
    - i increased the reps on almost every exercise, and i diddnt have to rest as long between sets and excercises as i usually do.

    4) Joints: 9/10
    - this was one of the best parts of Incarnate. my joints felt great through out the entire two months. the day after i work a muscle group, the muscle is sore but my joints feel loose.

    5) Recovery: 7/10
    - i had decent recovery time through this cycle. i think that the incarnate helped more with recovery during the recomp phase than the cutting phase, but what do you expect while cutting.

    OVERALL: 8/10
    -overall, i think that this is one of the best supps that i have taken. the combination of Beta Alanine and Cissus is the best of both worlds. You get a great strength builder and something to help your joints handle the extra weights you are lifting. i think that Incarnate would be good to run on its own, but i also think that by adding a good creatine you can really get the full effect of the Beta Alanine. when you add a quality test booster, and maybe some 6-Bromo, you have one bad ass stack.

    Great job Palo Alto Labs, this is a great product that i am glad i had the opportunity to test, and reccommend 100% to anyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh
    I received my 2 bottles of Incarnate about four days ago and this is the 4th day I've been on it. I would like to thank Dave and PAL for giving me the opportunity to test out another product.

    PAL has great impressed me so far w/ [PLINK=2685]Paravol[/PLINK] and [PLINK=5633]Leviathan[/PLINK], so I'm very optimistic that Incarnate will deliver on it's promises as well. I've been reading about a lot of studies on the effects of [PLINK=2318]beta-alanine[/PLINK], esp. when combined w/ [PLINK=472]creatine[/PLINK]. I also am always hearing positive reports about [PLINK=5654]cissus[/PLINK]. Combining the two in this product should be awesome.

    As I said, I've been on the product at full dose for several days. I've only had one workout within that time frame, but it was a good one. It was leg day, which is usually a tougher day for most ppl, myself included.

    However, I went up a full 20 lbs. in all 3 exercises that were done. In all but one, I maintained the same rep scheme even w/ the higher weights. I'm not for sure how long the product is supposed to take to be felt, but I know I definately had a better leg workout than my previous one.

    I've been dosing it w/ [PLINK=205]V-12[/PLINK] Turbo by [MLINK=33]SAN[/MLINK] or else Neovar by Applied Neutriceuticals. I have a variety of [PLINK=472]creatine[/PLINK] products stocked up, so I'll be swapping them out now and then, but will def. be stacking one or another w/ the Incarnate for the heightened effects noted in the studied I mentioned.

    I'll also be using 1 scoop of waxy maize starch w/ my post workout doses on workout days. I usually use WMS post workout, anyway, but I saw Dsade posting about how he's noticed WMS helping especially well in combo w/ beta alanine. He seems to have a really good handle on how various supplements work and stack, etc. so I took note when I read that.

    My last few days have been pretty busy, but I'll be in the gym tomorrow for a back workout. I'll be posting regularly w/ a good amount of detail on what i notice and experience w/ the product.

    For the record, I'm 35 yrs. old, approx. 233-235 lbs, approx. 18.6% bodyfat (although I'm due to get it checked w/ a 9 point caliper test soon for better accuracy).

    My goals are to continue w/ a slow gradual cut that I've been on for a couple of months now, while maintaining strength/muscle mass. If I can recomp. and add further muscle mass, I'd certainly be fine w/ that.

    For the cutting aspect of this goal, I'm using [PLINK=4728]Dicana[/PLINK] at 6 caps per day, [PLINK=2669]CLA[/PLINK] at 6 softgels per day, 2 tablespools of [PLINK=620]flax oil[/PLINK] per day and, 10 grams of [PLINK=44]fish oil[/PLINK] per day, and 2 doses of ECA per day.

    Since I've been on ECA for about two weeks now, I'm considering changing it up to a non-ephedra fat burner for a couple of weeks, just to keep my body guessing and not build up a tolerance for the effects of ECA. My options for other [PLINK=4877]fat burners[/PLINK] (I already have them all, so cost isn't an issue, just effectiveness) are [PLINK=1442]Lean System 7[/PLINK] by [MLINK=94]Isatori[/MLINK], [PLINK=2417]Scorch[/PLINK] (original version) by [MLINK=104]MAN[/MLINK], [PLINK=2259]Stizm[/PLINK] by [MLINK=126]Thermolife[/MLINK], and [PLINK=2249]Rev XP[/PLINK] by Nx Care.

    I'm always open to tips and suggestions from anyone willing to share their knowledge. Feel free to chime in and let me hear what you have to say.


    Update time. I hit the gym a little late tonight for a really good leg workout. I added 20 lbs. to my leg press, seated leg curl AND toe raise. So, the process of more weight and/or reps in each successive workout is continuing. I'm glad to see it wasn't just a one or two workout thing but an actual trend.

    Now that I'm into my second bottle of Incarnate, I'm seeing some real results on paper from one workout to the next on a consistant basis. Nice results, so far. As a side note, my knees felt really good tonight.

    I don't have bad knees or anything, but whenever I do legs, i can feel them a bit, but tonight, they felt nice the whole way through. Kind of like I had already warmed them up before i even got to the gym.


    Today I hit the gym for 45 mins of low intensity cardio. It was easy enough w/ the added endurance. I sweated my ass off this time, though, hopefully burning off some fat. I dosed 3 caps of Incarnate and a scoop of V-12 Turbo before and after the session.

    Tomorrow will be back day, so I hope to see continued success w/ strength and endurance. i'll update tomorrow night on how things go.


    Update time. Tonight I have a really good back workout to report. So, I started out doing the free motion pulldown, which I like a lot. It's unilateral cables, so that your stronger side can't compensate for a weaker side, plus you're not locked into an articial movement.

    Anyway, I used the same weight as last time for the 1st two sets, but added one rep to each. It may not sound like a lot, but hey, it's progress, nonetheless. The more dramatic progress came on the next two sets, though.

    On set number 3, I added 20 lbs. and got 11, rather than 12 reps. Losing one rep is fine w/ me if i can tack on another 20 lbs. On the fourth set I really hit it, though. The last time, my strength sapped out on me and i dropped the reps down to 8 and did another 4 reps as part of a drop set. This time, I held to the increased weight and actually cranked out 10 reps. I felt really psyched about that one.

    On to the next exercise, the Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral High Row. Last time i did 3 sets...1X12 at 170, 1X7 at 170, 1X12 at 120, since my strength started to fail. This time, I mistakenly thought I'd gotten 180 last time, so since i was feeling ballsy, I racked up 190, thinking a 10 lb. increase ould be nice.

    So, I was able to trick myself into getting 12 reps on the 1st set, 10 on the second...and didn't drop the weight at all on the 3rd set like i had last time. i still cranked out 8 reps.

    Feeling motivated as hell, I figured I'd do a burn out set at 120 lbs, and got 12 reps, just like the 3rd set last time. Needless to say, I finished out the back feeling proud!

    I hit up 4 sets of weighted crunches on the Nuatilus Nitro ab crunch machine after that, to try to tighten up the abs, since I'm actually cutting and trying to reign in the stomach. All in all, i felt like I really took a nice step forward w/ this workout.

    Legs will be next, so here's hoping things keep going forward w/ the new found strength and endurance. I think PAL has another winner in Incarnate. As I mentioned early on, I had no experience w/ either ingredient contained in the formula, so I really wasn't sure how I'd react as far as progress goes. So far, I'm very impressed. Props to PAL!!!


    Time for another update. First, to answer BigT's question, I intend to stay on Incarnate for the length of two bottles. I'm kind of not ruling out a third bottle, though. The results I've been getting have been impressive, for sure, so I may just be tempted to push it and see how long my strength and endurance can continue to climb.

    Honestly, I've been surprised at how effective it's been as far as results. I assumed it'd be effective and I'd have some strength and endurance gains, but I've been getting way more than I reasonably expected. I certainly don't mind, though!

    Tonight I did legs and had another very solid workout. If you recall last time I added weight and reps to nearly every exercise I did. Well, surprise, surprise! Here again, I was able to successfully push my lomits and win.

    I continued w/ my 2X20 on the leg press but started oout w/ the weight I had pushed up to on my second set last time. For my second set this time, I threw on another 10 lbs. and cranked out 20. The last few were pretty hard, but I got them done and was happy.

    On the seated leg curl, I did the same as last time as far as weight and reps for my 1st two sets. On my third, however, rather than dropping the weight like last time, i kept it steady and actually got one more rep than I got last time at the lighter weight.

    For the calf raise machine, I added 10 lbs from last time om the 1st three sets, for the same reps, then added another ten on the last for the same reps again. Another very solid performance, which is making me feel really good about this run.

    next workout will be chest and tris and I think i'm going to put that 10X10 challenge in front of myself for the seated dip machine. I'm fully expecting to get that done. Let's see if I can keep it going!


    On the incline Hammer Strength bench, I added 20 lbs. from the previous chest/ tri workout and got the same reps on the 1st set. On the 2nd set I used that same increased weight and only lost one rep compared to the last workout. On the 3rd set I got the same reps from the previous workout.

    That's ok w/ me as long as I'm adding 20 lbs, though. I figure I'll be able to recover those reps next workout and then look to add more weight at the workout after that. In addition to that, I did add a 4th set at the same weight as a drop set. So I got 5 reps to failure at that same weight, then stripped off half the weight and cranked out another 5.

    Next up was the seated dip machine, in which I did 6 sets of 10 at the whole stack (330 lbs.). If you remember, the last time I did 5X12 at the same weight and felt good enought that I thought the next time, I'd try to do 10X10 at 330.

    Needless to say, that was a bit ambitious and I didn't quite get all of that done, but did get 6. I'm guessing that over the next two , maybe three chest/tri workouts that I'll be able to build up to that.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Palo Alto Labs View Post
    Do you have to cycle incarnate I've been taking for 4 months non- stop ?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by wheels View Post
    Do you have to cycle incarnate I've been taking for 4 months non- stop ?
    I have been taking it for an equal amount of time. I think that once your body has an elevated carnosine level, it is just maintenance. But the cissus is still helping the joints.



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