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    Quote Originally Posted by warbird00 View Post


    So thanks again to Dave over at PAL for letting me log his products, Leviathan is truely a kick ass fat burner


    Starting Stats
    Starting Weight: 191.4 lbs
    Starting Waist Size: 32 11/16
    Starting Lower Ab Caliper Measurement: 11

    Ending Stats
    End Weight: 183
    Ending Waist Size: 30 5/16
    Ending Lower Ab Caliper Measurement: 8

    Pretty freaking impressed, only ran Leviathan for 22 days and i lost 8.4 lbs while loosing NO streangth. Last time i ran Leviathan my diet was perfect and i actauly gained streangth, but this time around it was during finals/my schedule was really hectic so my diet wasnt as good regarding carb timing which is essential when dieting. Im really impressed with my waist, almost 30 inches

    Although i dont think I build any muscle on this Leviathan cut, i did not loose any which is insane considering what i went through, and some days i only ate 2000 cals I dropped weight way too fast too, cause i was more concerned with finals than cutting/diet but Leviathan defenently saved my ass!

    Once again, Leviathan didint really do anyhting to me as far as energy/appetite suppressant. But no thermo has ever givin me energy (including EC) so thats just how I am.

    Best fat burning supp on the market IMO. I would rate it my 2nd fav supp overall (XF 1st). You cant really argue with the numbers, 8.4 lbs lost in only 4 weeks and no streangth decrease, and some of my numbers actaully went up. My abs are showing again so everything is good. Thanks team PAL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneBetter View Post


    My Final Review of Palo Alto's Leviathan

    Body Comp: 9/10

    Starting Stats
    • Weight: 198
    • Body Fat %: 13.0%

    Ending Stats
    • Weight: 192
    • Body Fat %: 10.4%

    So, according to my math that would be a 5.14lb fat loss, with the other .86 being water and/or muscle. Also, there is always a chance of error with human tests, so there they can be +/- a little. However, just looking in the mirror i can visibly tell that i have lost a significant deal of body fat. I think the biggest factor in all this is that i was staying around 2800 cals for this entire log. Basically, 2800-2900 is where I consider the maintenance stage for my body. My goals are now towards recomp, and I would definitely recommend this product who is on a recomp or even all out cutting. However, I believe that this would be good to end a cut "phase" with as it might get a little expensive to use it during the entire "phase."

    Strength: 7/10

    It's well documented in my log ya lazy ass, but here's the comparison for some major lifts:

    Week One**

    **DB chest press: 80x10x3
    Squats: 225x10x2
    DB Shoulder Press: 65x6
    CGBP: 225x6

    Final Week

    DB chest press: 95x8
    Squats: 230x10
    DB Shoulder Press: 60x12
    CGBP: 215x8x3

    Strength gains on this were not quite on par with the fat loss, but they were pretty good. Gaining strength and losing fat is an extremely difficult task, and any kind of strength gain while trying to lose fat is always a big positive. Really I have no complaints in this area what so ever, because like I said it's common to lose or to stay at the same strength when at low or maintenance cals.

    (**This was the only lift that actually is being compared from the first 7 days on, so actually the others are from the middle of week 1-2. I was also getting back into the swing of things after a short break when week one started.)

    Product/Ingredient Analysis: 8/10

    I touched on this earlier, but Leviathan is leaning towards the expensive side. It was a little odd to me that they didn't give a whole month supply in a bottle, but you have to factor in the first 3 days when you're only taking 1x1, so that comes a little closer to a full months supply.

    Ingredient wise, here's the label:

    Tribulus Terrestris (80% Saponins; 20% Protodioscin)
    Caffeine Anhydrous
    Coleus Forskohili 20%
    Cocoa Extract
    Green Tea (70%)
    Rhodiola Rosea Extract
    Acacia Rigidula Extract
    Yohimbine HCl: 9mg

    Caffeine + Yohimbine (with the bioperine) are probably what sticks out the most as the main fat loss agents in this product. The strange thing is that I really didn't get much energy from it. Or at least it wasn't like other stims in terms of noticability. I did sometimes get the weird period where I could actually feel my heart beating slowly, which I attribute mainly to the Yohimbine. And sometimes I did get an increased heart rate at odd times, but it never lasted long and seemed to be very mild. This is of course why you would want to cycle things like this (among a lot of other reasons). This is the highest dose of Yohimbine I've seen in a product, at 18mg per day. I was initially a bit confused as to why Vitex was in this mix, but in reading more I assume it's there for pituitary stimulation. I had always seen it in the women's stuff my mom bought at the supermarket. Really the only ingredient that I don't like in there is the Fenugreek. It really not worth adding IMO. The green tea and the trib are pretty self explanatory, and good additions.

    Final Thoughts

    Leviathan really does stack up to it's claims. Fat loss and strength gains are really hard to come by simultaneously, and I would say that I plan on using this again likely over the summer. Thanks Dave from Palo Alto for the chance to log for you guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amoney1986 View Post
    First off I would like to thank everyone who followed my log and Palo Alto Labs for giving me this opertunity to test out Leviathan. Now down to business.

    Final measurements: arms 16.75, chest 46, waist 31.5, calves 17, leg 26.5
    Final weight: 207

    Fat loss: 8/10 I feel the product does a very good job sheding pounds even though I can not provide an exact amount of fat loss because I had no bf tests along the way.

    Lean Muscle gain: 10/10 This is where I feel the product really shines. I was on a low carb diet (120-200) grams depending on the day and high protein (300+) and through the log I put on weight! I was doing cardio, diet in check, and my definition and vascularity improved every single week so I know muscle must have been gained.

    Energy: 7/10 I didn't really experience any super bursts of energy but this might be in part because of my frequent energy drink consumption. A positive though is I never had any crash and burn experiences.

    sides: 10/10 I experienced no negative sides what so ever. I'm not sure about the libido boost being single and all at this time lol.

    Overall: 9/10 This is the best fat burning supplement I have used the other being nutrex lipo 6. In the beginning of my log I felt Leviathan was very comparable to lipo 6 but by the second bottle I was sure Leviathan was superior. plus lipo 6 always gave me a chest burn for some reason.

    I will use this product again on my next cutting diet and I recomend it to anyone looking to melt fat and put on lean mass. "as a side note any product by itself with out hard work and consistancy will get you no where, so lift hard and eat smart!" If anyone has any questions go ahead and I will answer.

    btw I could only get one pic to work because my phone said the attachments were to large on the other pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ss4vegeta1 View Post
    Guys today I started taking this. Let me tell ya so far this product is pretty awesome. I had a ton of energy/focus when I was doing HITT on my treadmill and I took a second dose in the evening now I am feeling very warm. Especially in my joints. Also I noticed I have like no cravings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cool View Post
    90 Capsules
    Serving Size2Capsules
    Servings Per Container45
    Amount Per Serving
    Proprietary Blend 907mg †
    Tribulus Terrestris (80% Saponins, 20% Protodioscin), Caffeine Anhydrous, 3,3'-Diindolylmethane, Fenugreek, Coleus Forskohilli 20%, L-Tyrosine, Bioperine™, Vitex, Cocoa Extract, Green Tea (70%), Rhodiola Rosea Ext, Acacia Rigifula Extract
    Yohimbe HCL 9mg †
    †† Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
    † Daily Value not established

    Just a real quick review:
    I didn't take pictures or measurements, but in retrospect I guess I should've. This was the first time I used a Yohimbe product for any duration. I good smooth energy all the way through, just dropping off some towards the end.
    Energy 8.5/10
    It helped my appetite some, though I don't think it was really designed for that.
    Appetite 8/10
    The biggest and best thing was fat loss. Since I've been under 14-15%, the weight around my stomach has not been coming off. After 3 wks, my midsection is noticeably leaner, even my wife commented on it. I've been rather impressed with the results
    Fat loss 9/10,
    This could be a 10 if I ran it longer than 3 wks
    My diet was really good, cardio 4-5 times a week for 30-40 min.
    I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fat burner, I wish I had gotten 2 bottles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmz123

    Final Thoughts:

    Weight Loss:
    *16lbs in 44 days!!!235 down to 219!!! I can't credit Leviathan for all of the weight loss, but I really think it helped me burn as much fat as possible without sacrificing my hard earned muscle! My diet was very good for the most part and I upped the cardio because of the triathlon...both of which contributed to my weight loss. In the beginning I was on about .5lbs every other and every 3 days, which is very impressive. I think the Leviathan did start to wear off at the end a little. I didn't lose any weight the last week and I really didn't switch my diet or lower the cardio. I did change up my workout routine, but I really don't think that had much to do with it.

    Strength/Size Loss:
    *This was minimal, which is where Leviathan really puts the biggest difference between itself and the other fat burners. I set several PRs on Back, Bis, shoulders, and chest...tris seem to have been affected by the shoulder injury more than shoulders and chest, which is strange??? I wasn't eating enough to put on any mass, but I do believe my traps did get bigger!

    Side Effects:
    *Another thing I really loved about Leviathan. I really didn't notice any negative side effects. The sweating was the biggest change. When I was doing cardio I would sweat like never before, which is obviously a good thing! I noticed a steady energy boost (especially with the 1+1+1+ dosage) without a jittery spike that some people get from stims. I wasn't any angrier than usual, so the test didn't affect me negatively either. I did notice a few more pimples on my thighs, but no where else really.

    *I met and beat my goal of 10lbs in 45days, which I thought was a pretty lofty goal. I kept the majority of my size(tris got a little smaller b/c the lack of heavy benching and "dipping", which is no fault to leviathan) and even think my traps got a little bigger. There were no big negative side affects. Overall Leviathan gets a 9/10. The reason for the 9 and not a 9.5 or 10 is because I didn't lose any weight the last week and I cannot think of a reason other than Leviathan's affects wore off? I still loved Leviathan and when I am in need of some help shedding a few more pounds I will DEFINITELY be taking Leviathan again!

    *Special thanks goes out to Dave (Palo Alto Labs) and the rest of the guys from PAL (Buckeye, Hola, and everyone else) and especially to those who followed along and contributed to the log! PAL is a great company and hopefully they continue to come out with some damn good products!

    *As for me...Tomorrow is beach day and when I get back I'll mainly be concentrating on my triathlon. No plans as of now for any more logging...I think I need a break!

    *I'll get some pics up for the Gays around here(EE)

    *I also lost 3 inches off my waist! uploading...


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