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    Quote Originally Posted by goznoco
    OK, here is the 2nd day on paravol. not much to report as today was a long work day, and damn I'm tired as hell.
    yesterday was back day also, I think I over did it on bent over rows. low back is pumped with that good ol muscle pain.......
    can wait to hit that 8-10 day mark to really see the stuff kick in. no problems to report, no sides or anything.

    day 5..Damn, woke up this morning with a raging woody. I did notice a little more feeling to it as it would be ashame to let it go to waste LOL.
    so I let the mad monkey hand fly LOL.. a little more volume then what it has been but not up my nomal yet. but it does look like something is going on here.
    also, I thought it was going to take all day, damn my arm got tired,LOL not that its a bad thing!!!!!!!

    day 8,,, so far so good. I've notice more random woody's during the day. volume is about the same as it was on day 5, and again thats better then what it was before I started this. looking forward to the coming weeks when this stuff really kicks in..

    quick update...paravol is doing its stuff. increased thickening of carb goo, volume same as before..

    Day 18 update, nice!!!!! I noticed contractions are a lot stronger now and thickness is,,,well thick LOL.. volume has come up a little more, I'd say I'm close to pre cycle volume now, and looking forward to slinging some ropes on some titties in the next few weeks...LOL
    So far it looks like I'm on track with the other logs on Paravol or maybe behind a hair or two but not much... I am feeling better about this now that I'm seeing some things happen. still hoping that after the 2 months is done that my volume will return to normal, "that is, pre PH cycle"

    update. day 27,, coming up on 4 weeks now and volume has gone up some more.
    thickness is now thick carbgoo...
    I can't remember who said it but someone made the comment in their log about the contractions lasting along time. and damn he's right. its like they want to go on forever,,and they are getting stronger too, not that its a bad thing LOL!!!!!!!

    update,,, coming up on the end of the 5th week and all is great..
    super contractions, super loads. feels good to have my carbgoo back the way it should be.. this weekend should prove to be interesting as I lined up a hottie for some fun!
    with 3 weeks to go on this 8 week cycle I can see why some might not want to come off of Paravol. it might end up being the new BB'ers crack!
    but I will end it at 8 weeks so I can give a full review of this products cycle and aftermath results. hoping that all returns to nomal after cycle is over...
    and yes I have ordered 2 more bottles for future post cycle therapy............

    update,,, HAHA. this stuff is the bomb....
    hung over as hell right now. got trashed last night and had some Paravol fun with a hottie.
    we ended up at her place and didn't take long to get the AP on. omg this was funny. we were going at it for awhile(thanks Paravol) and then she said she want me to shoot on her tits!
    OK no problem there. she had some monster 38's that I wasn't gonna let go to waste. so I jumped up there and started slamming those monsters and when I cut loose, it was the same time she sort of looked down to take a peek at the action.
    when she looked down a nice fat rope went right up her nose..
    she jumped up running for the bathroom sounding like she was gagging on it and I was rolling on the floor.. damn it was funny as hell.........Thanks Paravol

    update.. 6 1/2 weeks on paravol, I think that the thrills have toped off at this point. haven't noticed much more since the 5 week mark.
    contractions still kicking good and volume is awesome, I even got a request for some repeat hottie fun with that same girl,, I guess she liked the nose shot LOL..
    all in all so far I 'm happy with this product.. as the results seem to be leveling off now I guess my next update will it at the end of the cycle unless theres something to report.. and then there will be a final update 2-3 weeks after I'm off the cycle to see if the effects return to nomal pre-PH cycle volumes and contractions....

    volume is great compared to when I started. for those that have not read the whole thread. my volume was almost totally shut down after my last PH cycle. even after PCT with nolva and clomid..
    before starting Paravol my volume was a mere dribble, no lie I'm talking about drops here and contractions were almost non-exsisted. now at the 6 1/2 weeks on paravol I can only guess at the volume as I never really measured it.
    but I would say at least one and a half tablespoons maybe two, which is a little more then nomal for me. so like I said the real proof is in the after paravol cycle pudding LOL so to speak.

    2 weeks off Paravol and loads are still good. contractions are great.
    I feel happy so far as I have not returned to my post cycle drip of a load.
    so far this product gets a big seal of aproval for post cycle problems with load size.
    I see no reason not to run paravol in PCT, it can only help!!!!!!!!!

  2. .....

    Quote Originally Posted by swoot
    started taking paravol and id figure id log my run of it. Its been almost a year since ive taken any kind of sex pill, and im not really taking any supplements right now other than a daily vitamin and no xplode before my workouts.

    So far i am on my 3 rd day taking paravol, but i still havent had sex while taking it yet. Looking forward to it though! Ill keep you all posted.
    yesterday and today i was a little hornier than ususal.. not crazy but i was flippin through a mag and caught myself at the girls in a molester type way

    i went out last night and thought i had an opportunity with this one chick, but it went south. called up the ex pretty late in the night and convinced her to come over... started hookin up with her and my hardon was solid to the point where it hurt a little, felt fuller than usual

    i tore her apart for about 45mins.. damn good sex, its the reason i keep her on speed dial, finished on her chest...average in size
    josh you were pretty close with the 10 days... day 8 i hadnt unloaded a nut in about 24 hours, took care of it and my load was definitely bigger than usual...took three more pumps to get it out...felt really good

    last night i went 2 rounds with the ex, solid hardon both times, not to mention i JO once 2 hours before she showed up... i finished once on her chest, second time in the condom, after three loads in 5 hours, i was suprised to still have decent volume on the last one

    talking to another chick on the side, hoping to get some action this weekend from her, or convince them both into the threesome... keep that in your prayers for me boys
    still pushing for the threesome with the ex but her excuse is that she will not since we are not together and all that crap... i just need to find a chill 3rd girl and set it up myself, bottle of wine and i know she'll be down for it

    scored a partial facial, she thought it was going to just hit her chest, and didnt expect me to be able to hit her face from where i was... actually neither did i . i was sure as hell aiming, but didnt expect to be able to hit my target from where i was... i definitely have more pressure when i come, feels better and shoots farther

    saturday night, my friend met a chick and wanted me to jump on her friend... the friend was definitely a grenade... i was horny as all hell, but she was disgusting... no go

    it was hard thou bc i was a walking boner that night
    fell off for a few days due to the holidays...

    pulled a pretty full facial the other night actually. the ex asked me to goto some xmas party for her office, so i went... i got a little buzzed, she was drunk and we started fukin around at the party

    long story short, i drove home, got road head the whole way and came in her mouth a little before i pulled into her place... i love road head, but tryin to keep my eyes open when driving and cuming isnt always the easiest thing

    got her inside and railed her for a good 45 minutes, went to bust on her chest again, but i pulled the switch-a-roo and landed most of it on her face (played it off like it was an accident)..

    she was down with it, i think it even got her a little more turned on... btw... i destroyed her

    she is still toying with the idea of a threesome, i know IF i can find another chick + a bottle of wine and im in, but i just cant seem to figure out where to find the third chick... i was hoping for her roomate, but they arent speaking... so there goes that plan... least for now...advice??
    i finished the first bottle of paravol a few days ago, but friday night i was plowing my ex, didnt have a condom so she finished me with a BJ right when i was about to finish.. i had a freakin double orgasm... it was insane... she started doing what she does best and i half came, which was about what would be for normal bust,
    then i got another surge (felt like a second, more intense orgasm) and filled her right up... she swallowed it down and even made a random comment later about how much there was

    i was thinking starting a second bottle ... hmmm

    after that, i think its about a given
    last week, into the 6th week, i destroyed the chick i was bangin... funny part is that she hates cum, and complains (kind of whines about it) if it comes into contact w/ her (wtf?.. i know).. so me being me, i came all over... and i mean ALL over her chest (her navel to her neck was a solid lake of my swimmers) and got a decent amount up on her lips... she didnt know what to do.. i laughed...she got offended.. then i did it again the next night, and nce this week

    this girl is a prissy rich chick, and shes def not used to guys not listening to her... the fact that shes got a prob with cum makes me just that much more motivated to destroy her

    i felt like i had a hose, it was a steady stream just coming out werent kidding about it really kicking in during bottle 2
    hell yea!

    last night she and i went out drinking, she started to act like a *****, which she often does when drunk... i took her home, ripped her apart...after i had too much redbull i just had to get my energy out somehow... i blew the majority on her face, and a little landed on her chest.. she was pissed but drunk

    funny part was this morning she woke up with a huge crusty in her eye that i guess she missed when cleaning up last night... she had no idea what happened and didn't remember a thing, meanwhile im laughing my ass off on the inside and trying to hold it in

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh
    Ok, for an update, I got some autoplowing in on day 13 and was surprised at how quickly I got really solid wood. The girl hadn't even touched me and i was raring to go. It was a pretty decent length session but I had to quit before I was done...that's another story for another day

    In any case, I on day 15 (today) I noticed myself getting wood more often than usual if i was thinking about sex. Being in my 30's, that's not something that just happens like it does in say your earlier 20's. For this reason alone, I'm really liking Paravol.

    Bear in mind I'm nearing the end of a PCT for a recent cycle, and in many cases libido is still wrecked at this point. Now, it did take prob 2 or 2.5 weeks for the product to build up to this point, but I didn't expect an instant reaction, so that's cool.

    Anyway, today I was horned up enough that I ended up doing a practice plow to see what the load would be like. I took a few more mins than usual, but not much more. The load was very good and thick and I actually noticed a bit more sensation than usual.

    It always feels good, of course, but I think w/ Paravol, you actually FEEL like your having more volume. That's a nice development, of course, to have autoplowing and JO sessions feel better than normal. Things re just more intense at the moment of eruption.

    Like Will, I think, I'll probably go ahead and pick up a second bottle of this to see how it turns out for the recommended 8 week usage. I'm guessing that things will begin to pick up even more as it further builds up in my system.

    I'm sticking w/ the 2 caps per day, as recommended, however, in order to review it at the recommended dosage. i know Palo Alto mentioned coming out w/ more products along these lines and I'm starting to wonder what else is coming down the pike.

    I've still got another couple of weeks supply, but so far, I'm beginning to really like Paravol. As always, any questions/comments are welcome.

    Day 17 (last night)- Victory is mine!!! I ended up getting my autoplow on last night w/ the new girl I mentioned in my last post. It wasn't a sure thing, by any means, but I was able to seal the deal and have her sample a load.

    I wasn't one of my better performances, even though I had already dosed both caps of Paravol, as well as a couple Red Kat's and even 2 Staminas. I think the deal was I had been up way too late the night before and hadn't really felt with it all day.

    Usually that's not that big a deal, but being that I'm still on PCT (end of week 3), I'm probably going to have so-so performances when I'm tired or whatever. The load was decent, but not a whole lot of volume. Again, tiredness might figure into that, plus the fact that I had JO'd each of the past two nights.

    It was still pretty thick, so it's not that it was a total bust or anything, but I think I'll prob wait two days before I test our another load. I prob. just need to reload, so to speak.

    I'll update w/ my next event in a couple of days.
    On Day 19, Friday, I had a nice session w/ a pretty sweet facial. I started to get a bj after work, which turned into a full on autoplow. I had very nice wood and a great load. Dhe said she swallowed approx. half of it while the rest was on her face.

    Being that there was an above avg. size load there, I'm guessing I did pretty well that time. I think a little rest and taking a couple of days off discharge made a big diff. I'll prob do some more testing tomorrow, which will be Day 21

    Sorry for the delay in posting, I've been really busy lately. I did, however, blow a HUGE load last night. I had built it up for probably a good 5 or 6 days, but from what I've heard 72 hrs. is the max. amount of time that things actually build up.

    Anyway, I got a HJ and ended up blowing one of the best loads I've ever done, and I generally have a pretty high volume, anyway. It was on her chest and it really cracked me up, because after I got done w/ several good shots I was looking in awe at the load and she was like "Hurry up...get me a towel!!!"

    I almost forgot that not every girl is in favor of huge loads shot all over Anyway, it was a lot of fun to see the results that Paravol have helped me acheive. As stated above, I'll be on it for another month, so keep watching for updates to this log.

    One time that stuck out in my head as kind of impressive was a facial I did this past Tues. I hit the money shot and there was a pretty good amount of volume, but it was REALLY thick. Thicker than it has been even on my 1st month.

    To give you an idea, I shot a few good squirts on her face and then the last bit of it was just dangling from the tip. I literally had to shake it off so it's land on her face. I've done many facials, but have never experienced that before.

    As you know, Will and I are both on our second bottles of Paravol. The label says to take the product for 2 months to see the full results. I would have to say the label was correct, since the thickness into my 2nd bottle is MUCH more than it was on my 1st month.

    Usually I view a label like that w/ some skepticism, since I assume they just want to sell 2 bottles rather than one, but I've determined this recommendation to be legit.

    My advice for anyone trying Paravol is to give it 2 months, since I've noticed a big difference as it continues to build in my system. Check back for more posts.

    WOW! Last night I ended up doing a JO session on a girl's tits and shot maybe the biggest load of my life. I had warned her in our previous convos about how I tend to shoot larger loads and she admitted afterward she thought I was just bragging.

    Well, after I shot a TON on her, she was absolutely shocked. She kept talking about how she'd never seen that much, even in porns. I was on a major ego boost. I only wish i coulda taped what she said and put it on an audio file for the log. You guys would've died laughing.

    So, we're supposed to get together again and I asked her if she'd be willing to try to swallow a load some time and she said yes, so we shall see. I have a BJ hooked up tomorrow night w/ a facial, so hopefully I'll have another good load since this will be another new girl :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dizzle
    About Diz:
    Married with one child at home. Sex life, could be better, but then again “I’m married”

    Height-6’2” (6’7” with afro)

    I will make log entries 2-4 times per week for two weeks.

    I have used this product before but it was included in a PCT. What I can tell you is this is one solid product. What I noticed before, and it could be a combo of natural test coming back, but there was a feeling of an explosion upon releasing the hounds, so to speak. It was almost as if there was a build up pressure just prior to release.

    What I will tell you is I will be running the bottle at 4 pills per day for 2 weeks. I noticed when I upped my dose towards the end of the bottle the first time I used it I got greater effects from the dosing.

    I will rate the product using a * rating on these areas- * No change ** Normal, *** Sligt Change, **** Above avg. Change, ***** WTF is going on this stuff rocks.

    1) Stronger, Fuller, Firmer Erection Quality
    2) Increased Ejaculation Volume
    3) Overall feeling.

    I will try and keep this PG rated, so those expecting Penthouse forum, I am sorry, but then again you never know

    Start Date: 4/21/07
    End Date: 5/5/07


    2 bottles…………………………Cool, three bottles…………………………….damn I might blow my old lady off the bed !

    Day two:

    I’ve now ingested four servings, and today was the first day since being on Parvol that I could test sexual sides of the product .

    1) Stronger, Fuller, Firmer Erection Quality-*** out of five. When it was time to saddle up things seemed normal. I saw no increase from the normal prior to use
    2) Increased Ejaculation Volume-** I would say this looks pretty normal. I have had a pretty good amount always, and so I have notice no increase since use.
    3) Overall feeling. **- I feel the same no more no less. Like Ice Cube said “today was a good day, I didn’t have to use my AK


    Another night of fun

    1) Stronger, Fuller, Firmer Erection Quality**
    2) Increased Ejaculation Volume**
    3) Overall feeling*** (Girthy )

    I did feel a slight sense of more blood just hanging out down there during the day. I remember before when I took this that by the end of week 1 I felt more girthy (is that a word,not sure,but now it is) Since I'm running this solo ,I will know more as the time goes on


    1) Stronger, Fuller, Firmer Erection Quality-Woke up with my normal morning wood**
    2) Increased Ejaculation Volume-No monkey biz today,at least non of this time of writing. The wife and I are moving into a house we can't afford,and is the price of some small countries.*
    3) Overall feeling.**

    I do still feel like my junk is felling like there is more blood flowing down there,and i feel a bit fuller than normal so on that note I say ***


    Ok things got a bit nuts, no pun intended last night. Doing the deed ,and it felt like a bomb went off down there , it had only been a couple of days but damn .

    1) Stronger, Fuller, Firmer Erection Quality ***
    2) Increased Ejaculation Volume ****
    3) Overall feeling. **

    I've gotta say this is by far a great start to a very solid supp .


    1) Stronger, Fuller, Firmer Erection Quality-I can break boards with this thing***
    2) Increased Ejaculation Volume-There is a good chance I might send my wife through the roof next time she's going all Cow girl. It felt like a kink in a house,and then 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Blast OFF****
    3) Overall feeling.**-I have not had any alter in mood,so I'm ok as this is not a supp to alter the mind, although the labido going off without a hitch does make you feel better.

    I like the dosing options that Solomon mentioned 6 per day for 5 days and weekends off. I might try this starting Monday to see what the changes are.


    Sorry for the no posts, we had a party for my little monster this weeeknd (no not the monster in my pants) I'm dosing six pills per day all week,and taking this weekend off.

    LAst night I beat it up pretty good with the Mrs. Dizzle.

    1) Stronger, Fuller, Firmer Erection Quality **** Very Solid, very nice,kind of like a Ninja Sword, maybe that's why she said ouch
    2) Increased Ejaculation Volume-****This is like man pudding, not sure what to make of it, I can say when the top is beng popped you can feel a back load(no pun) pushing to come out
    3) Overall feeling.***-Pretty damn good if I do say so myself


    Another Great night last night pounding meat. I think taking six a day this whole week did a lot of difference, almost like building up a dam,and letting it break all over the small town of little people (WTF). I'm taking the weekend off and will dose 4 a day next week with a Spike on Wed. of 6. I figure why not try all the combos here. The volume is much large w/o debate, the wood factor is a bit better than normal but I was not expecting to break boards,but than again it's like an oak . I've been a little run down with school, moving,and getting settled in the new place.

    1) Stronger, Fuller, Firmer Erection Quality ***
    2) Increased Ejaculation Volume ****
    3) Overall feeling. **


    Another night of pounding the love hole........................

    1) Stronger, Fuller, Firmer Erection Quality*** Wood is nice ,and solid,very taunt like a tiger
    2) Increased Ejaculation Volume **** This is like Elemer's glue, it's amazing how much sometimes,and it's only been a few days,but it's all gravy......................... MAN GRAVY
    3) Overall feeling. ** Still feeling like crazy old Dizzle

    I gotta say ,maybe what i am going through is from the dosing I am doing 4 per day this week,and tomorrow I will spike to six, back down to 4.


    Well it was a long messy road, but damn it was good. I recommend this supplement for anyone coming off a cycle or those who want to cover their lover in extra gooey love. In all seriousness this stuff lives up to its name, and the quality was excellent. I know I might have made the log a little loose, and funny, but all in all it really delivered. I will say that if you are over 200 lbs. go for at least 4 per day, and I did see a bit more from it by dosing it in a spike mid week, and taking of every five days for two straight. I would say two bottles will get you an excellent stack, but one bottle will do fine to get you back in the saddle again especially if you’re coming off a cycle that has zapped your libido. I would give this supplement a 5 out of 5 star rating. I wish that luck and wish mercy on the significant other who dares to get slimed like those contestants on double dare. Thanks to Palo Alto labs again for letting me do this, and hooking me up with the extra bottle, the Mrs. Thanks you too.-Diz

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Droppinloads75
    Got another 2 bottles of Paravol yesterday. Started the 2 month dropping loads cycle today. I'm excited to spray up some girls now.

    It's been about 3 weeks now without Paravol. The loads are decent nothing really to brag about. Of course I don't let it build up. I usually let one fly everyday.

    Anyway last night I met up with a friend around 6am. Was out all night at a bachelor party. She was on the rag so I got a hummer and when I woke up I got another one. Decent load, all over her tits. Good times.


    Ok so I got back from my weekend getaway with one of my girls. She was on the period so no AP.

    But it wasn't so bad. I got 5 BJ's over the weekend which were freaking awesome. I didn't get to see any loads since she ate them all up. I asked her if they were big. She said the first 2 were pretty big and I even had plenty towards the end.

    This concludes the first week on Paravol. So far the loads seem a little bigger and the biggest plus so far is that the orgasm feels awesome. Like it will never end.

    By the way I'm dosing at 3 pills per day. Morning, afternoon and night.


    Ok, AP two different girls for the first time this week. Good times. Only problem is that I shot the carbgoo into the condom so I couldn't really see the load.

    However today during lunch my ex came over and I AP that. I made it a point to pull out and pull off the latex and shoot it on her tits.

    Wow, the first rope was pretty awesome. As soon as I shot it it made this circular pattern and landed half on her tits and the rest on her stomach. The second rope was similar and both of them formed an O. It was pretty cool. If you were to put them together they probably measured a good 18 inches. Not bad considering I shot a load last night around 1am with the 2nd chick.

    I'm starting to notice more volume now into my 2nd week of Paravol!!!


    I guess I haven't been updating this log that much. You can just check out my Aspire log to see what's been going on with the Paravol.

    The main thing that I noticed aside from the slight increase in volume is the sensation when you bust. It's freaking awesome. It feels like you're shooting a gallon each time.


    So last night a friend came over and we're messing around a little bit. Mind you that I had (still have) a sore throat and I wasn't feeling 100%. Anyway we're watching TV and I start fingering her, made her cum twice etc.

    After she's done I turn her over and start banging her from behind. Since I'm not feeling 100% I'm going slow, turn on the autopilot. Nothing too crazy. She's still loving the sausage action.

    I tell her that we should go to the bedroom. We're in the living room right now. We go to the bedroom and she tells me to get on my back because she wants to smoke my pole. Who am I to say no?

    Anyway she's slobbing the knob for a while and I'm not at a full hardon but it's ok. She knows I'm not feeling well. That doesn't stop her and she does something different and I'm at full attention. A couple more minutes of this and I start to spray. It was weird because I can feel some leakage coming out before the eruption. She tries to swallow some of it and as she takes my hog out of her mouth I shoot. I see this fat wad shoot and go across her lip but she catches it like a frog catches a bug and sucks it right in. This's girls got talent! I keep unloading and don't see the rest of the load but it was a good one. She tells me that she had to stop and try to swallow all of it.

    Good times!!!



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