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    Q. What is INCARNATE?
    Incarnate is a ground breaking new product that combines the explosive muscle building performance of Carnosine supplementation with the Anabolic lean mass production and Joint & Ligament Recovery provided by KETOSTERONES.

    Incarnate Results :
    • Dramatic Increases in Explosiveness & Raw Strength
    • Significant Lean Muscle Gains
    • Increased Intensity & Capacity During Workouts
    • Stronger, Healthier Joints & Ligaments
    • Substantially Decreased Muscle Fatigue

    Q. What exactly is Carnosine and what is its role in my muscles?
    Carnosine is a naturally occuring di-peptide consisting of Beta Alanine and Histidine found in varying degrees throughout human skeletal muscle tissue. In general, Carnosine can be found in much greater levels in Type IIx Fast Twitch muscle fibers versus slow twitch muscle fibers used for endurance. Carnosine's primary role in sketal muscle function is to act as a buffer against metabolic acidosis (the process leading to muscle fatigue). The higher the level of Carnosine found in the Fast Twitch Fibers, the slower metabolic acidosis is to set in.

    Q. What causes Metabolic Acidosis?
    Technically speaking, metabolic acidosis is caused by the body's natural break down of ATP into constituent H+ ions. As greater levels of H+ ions form, the net PH level of the muscle tissue becomes more and more acidic. The lower the PH (acidic) of the muscle goes, the faster muscle fatigue sets in. As expected, this process is greatly exacerbated during periods of intense exercise. The harder we workout, the higher the rate of metabolic acidosis.

    Q. How do we slow down the muscle fatigue caused by Intense Exercise?
    In scientific terms,we must create or introduce into the muscle tissue negatively charged buffers that will attach to the free floating hydrogen+ ions. This will help to stabilize or slow down ph decline. In skeletal muscle, clinical studies have shown the most effective buffer to be carnosine (beta alanine/histidine peptide).

    Q. What are Ketosterones?
    Ketosterones are plant sterols. The ketosterones found in Incarnate come from cissus quadrangularis standardized to 20% ketosterones. The ketosterones in Cissus Quadrangularis have been shown to help support optimal joint, tendon and cartilage health, enhance recovery, and stimulate anabolic activity.

    Q. How does Incarnate help with joint health?
    Cissus Quadrangularis, one of the key components of Incarnate, provides a unique array of vitamins, minerals, and plant sterol compounds (ketosterones) that work to develop and fortify muscle, bone and cartilage. While acting as conduit for nutrient delivery to tendon related injuries, Cissus Quadrangularis works to reduce pain from injuries to joints, muscles and cartilage.

    Q. How Long until I notice Incarnate's Effects?
    After 2 weeks of elevated Carnosine levels in your muscle fiber, results should become apparant.

    The joint repair and protection of Incarnate will take effect within the first week.

    Q. How do you take INCARNATE?
    As a dietary supplement take 3 capsules 2 times daily. You must take Incarnate everyday for maximum benefit. Continue taking Incarnate for 30-60 days for maximum benefit. You can maintain Incarnate for as long as desired.

    On Training Days:
    Take 3 Capsules 45 to 60 minutes prior to exercise and take 3 capsules within 60 to 90 minutes post workout. The post workout consumption is essential for muscle growth and support of healthy joints and ligaments.

    On Non-Training Days:
    Take 3 Capsules twice daily. Once in the late morning with food and once in the late afternoon or evening.

    Q. What's In Incarnate?
    Supplement Facts :
    Serving Size: 3 Capsules

    Beta Alanine 2,000mg
    Cissus Quadrangularis 20% Ketosterones 600mg

    Proprietary Blend: 244mg
    (L-Histidine HCl, Betaine HCl)

  2. Should/can the post workout Incarnate be taken right after workout or is it supposed to be delayed 60-90 min post workout?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by POPANG View Post
    Should/can the post workout Incarnate be taken right after workout or is it supposed to be delayed 60-90 min post workout?
    Anytime within that 1-90 minute window. You could take it a minute after you finish, or 90 minutes after you finish.

  4. How much bottles for a cycle?

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