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    Paravol FAQ

    Q. What is Paravol?
    Paravol in an all natural sexual enhancement supplement designed specifically for athletes, body builders, and people coming off of an anabolic cycle. Paravol has been shown to help men with uneven testosterone levels regain there sexual prowess.

    Whether you’ve just finished a cycle, or you’re a regular guy who wants to perform better in the bedroom, Paravol will guarantee you a level of performance beyond your wildest expectations. The culmination of 2 years of scientific study has resulted in the production of Paravol the worlds first hardcore sexual enhancement product.

    Q. How does Paravol work?
    Paravol volume enhancer works by naturally raising quality semen production and the overall potency and fertility of the sperm. By increasing the volume of the seminal fluid in the ejaculation, Paravol causes multiple contractions in the penis during orgasm. These additional contractions and volume produce longer, more pleasurable orgasms and larger, more explosive loads. Paravol is a phenomenal new concept in the science of male sexual performance and pleasure.

    Q. How long does it take for Paravol to begin working?
    You should start to notice the powerful effects of Paravol with in 7 days of first use. The synergistic properties of Paravol allows for your body to naturally begin producing larger quantities of seminal volume thus producing multiple contractions during orgasms and an overall more pleasurable sexual experience.

    Typically, most men have noticed an increase in sex drive within 5 days and an increase in volume towards the 7th day. The longer you take Paravol, the more dramatic the effects. Most men experience great results within 4 weeks of taking Paravol. The 6th week typically produces the most dramatic results.

    Q. How do you take Paravol?
    As a dietary supplement take 1 capsule 2 times daily. Take one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening. For optimal results you should maintain use of Paravol for at least eight weeks. Each bottle is a 30 Day supply at normal dosing.

    Q. Do I need to ‘Cycle’ Paravol
    It is not required to cycle Paravol. We do suggest that if you take it for longer than 5 or 6 months, you take a 1 month break. Your body will typically build a tolerance to anything you take daily. By breaking the tolerance with a cycle off, Paravol will be more effective in your system.

    Q. Does Paravol Cause Gyno

    Q.Can I take Paravol for PCT?
    We suggest that you take Paravol with PCT, but Paravol should not be the only prouct you take for a PCT regimine. Taking Paravol with PCT has helped many men to restore their underactive libidos following an anabolic or prohormone cycle.

    I’ve never taken an anabolic cycle, can I still take Paravol
    Yes. Paravol does not require past anabolic use to produce results. Most people who have not taken an anabolic product will respond little faster since their hormone levels are more balanced.

    Q: Are there any side-effects?
    No. Paravol is a completely natural-herbal supplement. There are no pharmaceutical or stimulant ingredients in Paravol that could raise your blood pressure or make you jittery, irritable, or uncomfortable.

    Q. Will Paravol Raise Blood Pressure
    In healthy males, Paravol should not modify your blood pressure in any way since it does not contain any stimulants. Paravol does have a warning label that advises you to speak with a doctor before taking Paravol if you have any blood pressure issues.

    What's in Paravol?
    Horny Goat Weed 10% Icarin
    Tribulus Terrestris Ext 40%
    Long Jack (Eurycoma Longifolia)(From 20:1Extract)
    Avena Sativa 4:1Extract
    L-Arginine HCl
    Chrysin Powder
    Maca Pwd.
    Muira P. Herb. Pwd.
    Catuaba Bark Powder (From Extract 4:1)
    Cissus Quadrangularis Powder
    Sarsaparilla (Smilax Powder)
    Calcium D-Glucarate)
    Stinging Nettle Powder (Urtica Dioica)
    Rhodiola Rosea Extract 1%

  2. Would this increase the chance for getting a women pregnant? If so you might want that on the warning label

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jminis View Post
    Would this increase the chance for getting a women pregnant? If so you might want that on the warning label

    I had the same thought when I was reading up on this supplement last week...

  4. Increasing your semen production will increase your swimmers

  5. what you do with em is your decision..hahaha..

  6. Are there any concerns if someone were to dose Paravol at 2 pills AM and 2 pills PM?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by SwordBurn View Post
    Are there any concerns if someone were to dose Paravol at 2 pills AM and 2 pills PM?
    maybe concern from your gf for drowning her..haha..naw thats how I dose mine all the time....

  8. Quote Originally Posted by john123131 View Post
    maybe concern from your gf for drowning her..haha..naw thats how I dose mine all the time....
    ssshhhhhh..... she doesn't know what I'm taking/dosing...muahahahahaa...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by SwordBurn View Post
    ssshhhhhh..... she doesn't know what I'm taking/dosing...muahahahahaa...
    hhah i started taking 3 a day on monday... i didnt tell my g/f...

    last night we are sitting there watching tv... shes like "why do you have a hardon right now for no reason?"
    me: "you just look so sexy tonight"

    and you can believe that worked well

  10. OK,i have read many mixed reviews on this product,some saying it is the absolute must have,and other's not so liking it at all.I know everyone is different as far as there body's responding to certain product's,but i am considering this for one purpose only,and that would be the load enhancing qualities it is supposed to have.I have read reviews on this site,but most of them were all from palo alto that seems a little biased to me,i am in no way bashing palo-alto,i am just saying r there any average joes who are satisfied with this stuff??Thanks.

  11. I second that motion! ........... sounds too good to be true.

  12. I love this stuff and am definitely an average joe.

    One of the few supps I like that isn't anabolic.

    Definitely see higher sex drive... and better wood in general.

    I do not run this with ZMA though because it gave me some CRAZY dreams...(some chick showed up at my door wanting me to eat a chili dog out of her box). lol.

    I take one a day all the time and 2 a day as part of any PCT runs.


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