Hi palo !
I have this very promising products on my desk but so far one of the ingredients kind of worry pregnenolone! so far i have i have read there could be some interactions with benzo.

But from pubmed another study tell us that pregnenolone and valium ( iazepam) helped to lower anxiety without the sedation ! (which is cool).

So i already took 3 pills for 'testing' and so far im not seeing any bad interactions. but i would to use it dialy like the recommend usage.

Anyone can confirm that with my current daily intake of xanax ( 0.5mg to 0.75mg ) ( currently trying to lower for being better at learning), i dont risk anything ? or it's an absolut bad idea to try reset-ad will on this medications ?

if anyone can tell me about his experience with reset-ad and xanax or valium i would be glad to hear it !