what NOT to take with Reset AD?

  1. what NOT to take with Reset AD?

    currrently i am on kind of alot of supplements during my cut.

    t3, 10mcg/d
    ECA , 50mg E 400mg caffeine
    eviscerate + clen, topical
    fish oil
    bulk Green tea extract
    super cissus
    milk thistle
    anabolic pump
    bulk aminos
    ubiquinol coq10
    diphenhydramine 50-75mg every couple of days

    I wanted to use my old bottle of Reset AD because i feel lethargic alot and im maintaining some suspected cortisol related ab flab.

    obviously there isn't a conclusive list of ' don'ts' when it comes to combining reset AD, but i am wondering if there are some obvious DO NOT COMBINEs to watch out for?

    thanks for any help on this
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  2. looks like you should cycle/completely drop some of your current supplements.

    the lethargy you mentioned is probably due to adrenal fatigue and/or beta-receptor down-regulation, & i'm almost positive:

    a- that's why you need to use so many different things to see results


    b- you're not seeing decent results to begin with...

    i'd say drop all the stims you're using (in whichever form they maybe) except for maybe one.

    the super cissus, the milk thistle, & the ALA are not very necessary at the moment; keep them for later use.

    wait until you're done cycling, which i hope isn't too long of a wait, and then you can use your Reset A.D. to relief any remaining adrenal fatigue symptoms you may have.
    i've used it for that purpose & it does its job very well.

    gd luck

  3. that is a BEAST list bro. If you arent getting the full effects, then take Reset AD it might hit you pretty hard, id start with a couple + Reset AD, then add one or two on daily + Reset AD just incase it does greatly increase those stim effects.

  4. i appreciate the responses guys.

    but what im really wanting the answer to is this : will reset AD mixed with any of the above supps be detrimental to my health.

    i.e. anti depressants + maoi, or yohimbine + DXM are big no-nos
    For me, the action IS the juice.

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