Paravol is F****ing Amazing.......

  1. Paravol is F****ing Amazing.......

    I have got to say that Paravol is Great. I usually don't write reviews, and I am not sponsored or receiving anything from this. All of that being said......WOW.

    I read some of the reviews before, but I thought that it was a little pricey for what I thought it was. When it was on sale at NP for buy one get one free. I decided to give it a shot. I am in my late 20's and the erection strength has been down a little bit lately. I feel that it is a combo of stress and some other things. Even when I am " in the mood" my mind can wander and that is it. Because of all of that my sex drive was down and some confidence with it.
    I have tried maca and HGW in the past, I have tried the Horny Mac Jack Stack from NP and I saw some results, but not at all what I was expecting.
    With in the first 2 days of starting Paravol I woke up with the hardest morning wood in years. Not like regular morning wood, it was extremely full as well.
    I cant comment on the load increase thing, I don't really care about that. The extra "pumps" after the big "O" started about 7-10 days into it. Believe me it extends the big O. After you are finished wait about a minute and you are ready to go again......I have read this in most of the reviews, but damn it really delivered.
    I can't emphasize this enough, it will make you rock hard and full as hell... Towards the end of the month it is like doing a double serving of a NO supplement after slamming some anabolic pump and loading up on carbs. All of that pump going to your d***.

    I hope I am not making this sound to good to be true, like I said I am not getting anything for this. I am just really happy with the results. I havent tried aspire36 (I keep hearing that the old stuff was great , but the new stuff not so much) can anyone comment on this? if it is as good as Paravol, that would be amazing......

    Thanks P.A.L. for a great product. It really deliverers.............


  2. nice review bro. may have to try it sometime

  3. I bought it because of the bogo free sale at nutra planet at the begining of the year. When I realized how well I reacted to it. The sale was over.........damn it.....

    Any reps out there???? do you guys plan on having another buy one get one free sale? Also do you have any samples of the new aspire36? If it is anything like paravol I'm in...........

  4. Bump............ any sales for paravol anytime soon?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Imeniaan View Post
    ?????? Just curious man, but you think I'm spamming?

    I guess it could look like it, but I'm not. I have been a member around here for a long time. I don't post much because with the search function most any question can be answered. I had a great experience with paravol, much better than I thought I would. I just wanted others to know that this stuff is legit.

    It is a good product for the price ( still more than I want to spend on it) The buy one get one free sale was GREAT, I am just wondering if they will bring that sale back. I am actually surprised that a company rep has not commented on it. So back to the comment, no it is not spam.....


  6. Nice review, I wish I got good effects from it, but it ended up lowering my libido.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Imeniaan View Post
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  8. Quote Originally Posted by JudgementDay View Post
    Nice review, I wish I got good effects from it, but it ended up lowering my libido.

    Thats crazy how different bodies respond to different compounds....... That sucks that you didn't respond, I enjoyed the hell out of it.
  9. purelife1
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    got to give this stuff its reps..on it for 1 week and waking up with super chubbies again..last nights orgasm was made my abdominals walls spasm like i had just did 50 hanging leg raises and it lasted for over 30 was heres the on my third week of tren and p-plex so according to most i should be at shutdown mode now but im waking up with better boners then i did at 18..thanks guys this stuff rocks


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