Allow me to reintroduce myself...

  1. Allow me to reintroduce myself...

    Hello All,

    Been out of the forums for a while but I am back to help in anyway possible...

  2. nice! ive missed u guys... i see Leviathan is back?? new formula?

  3. Sweet I had a question over in the Nutraplanet forums under the new Leviathan Reloaded/Reset AD stack if you could answer that...

  4. My name is Hov. H to tha O-V?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by PaloAltoMike View Post
    My name is Hov. H to tha O-V?
    how can you be new/have 50 posts and have rep power of 50,000+. doesn't say much for the rep system here, imo.

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  6. Somewhere along the way the reps got deleted for all the old farts who don't post a ton and have been here a long time. Not a big deal but it was nice to see some of the old guard who had been despensing advice for years (like Big T). Welcome back to the board, I take hiatus from time to time myself, never cease to enjoy learning from others on this board.


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