Is it ok to take Anabolic Edge and Activate Xtreme?

  1. Question Is it ok to take Anabolic Edge and Activate Xtreme?

    Is it ok to take Anabolic Edge and Activate Xtreme together?

  2. should be fine

  3. I hate to knock a product but I didn't get anything out of AE at 6 a day over the last 3 weeks


  4. I have been using anabolic edge 4 a day for 17 days and I am not feeling anything
    and I bought 3 jars of it.

  5. Damn that is not good as i have 2 bottles.

  6. Today makes exactly 30 days of Anabolic Edge at 4 tabs a day and I am still waiting
    to feel the effects. I still have 2 jars left I going to take 4 weeks off of the product
    and when I start it again I going to up the dose to 6 tabs a day and see if that works.
    I have a lot of experience with supplements and I have to say Diesel Nutrition makes
    the best supplements on the natural BB supplement market. What ever claims Chuck
    Diesel says about his products they always work exactly the way he says they will.
    Thats why his supplements are the best. The company that makes Anabolic Edge
    should evaluate their product claims and see if 4 tabs a day for a 175lb BB is enough
    to get results from their product. This is the first time using a product from Palo Alto
    Labs and I think it will be last time.

  7. I got a couple bottles as well havent gotten much of anything out of it yet? may just b a decent pct support product but I dont think it gives me much of a edge, shyt they may jus b liver tabs,lol

  8. Anabolic Edge did wonders for me at 6 tabs/day. You guys are cutting yourselves short only running 4 tabs/day. 6-8 is where it's at. Pricey, but amazing.

    Dragonfly is currently running a log including both AE and AX. She's only taking 1 tab of each/day and grooving on it. (~127lb female)

  9. I have 2 more jars of this Anabolic Edge so this time when I use it I am going to run
    6 tabs a day and after I finish the 40 day cycle I will post back and give my review
    of this product. The first time I used 1 jar I dosed it at 4 a day and I got no results
    at all from it but we will see if 6 a day works.

  10. I run 6 a day and nothin, no biggie my girl takes em and she loves them so go figure

  11. It may not work for everyone but it works for me

    I have been running AE + AX for 4 weeks and to sum things up:

    1. Positive aggression is off the charts

    2. Pain threshold and desire for self mutilation are accordingly

    Also noticing:

    3. Increase in muscle density and hardness

    4. Increased endurance and stamina

    I guess there is a benefit in being a female when it comes to test-boosting supps
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  12. Who's this weirdo?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    Who's this weirdo?

  14. lol well haha, It's working so so, I'm taking 4-5 a day maybe I will go to 6 a day.
    Core Nutritionals Representative


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