I'm 37, and have had paraxomal atrial fibrillation for about 7 years. Up until this week, it was very well controlled with propafenone. Unfortunately, I guess I finally built up resistance to it, and started having afib episodes. My electrophysiologist switched me to flecainide, and so far, so good.

Long story short...I was 4 weeks into a Havoc pulse cycle, at 40mg, 3x week. I don't think the Havoc had anything to do with my issues since a) I used it last year with no problems, b) I had been taking it for about 3 weeks without issue this time c) the afib was happening every day, even on weekends, where I took no Havoc and d) I can't find any information that androgens have an effect on Afib.

That being said, if anyone has information that shows Havoc could have been a contributor, I'd love to see it. More importantly, I'm wondering if Havoc will have any direct interaction with the Flecainide, such as clearance times, breakdown, etc. I checked Walgreens.com for interaction of flecainide and anadrol (only methylated oral on list) and it said there was none. Since I doubt any doctor or pharmacist will have ever heard of Havoc, I'll get a dumb look, and / or the 'steroids are bad for you' pitch.

I'm also researching this myself, and I don't expect anyone on here to tell me 100% that the two are ok together, but maybe one of you super chemists or super researchers can help me out.