Intermediate Prohormone Cycle

  1. Intermediate Prohormone Cycle

    Just wondering if someone wouldn't mind suggesting an intermediate prohormone cycle for me to run. I have pulsed epistane about a year ago and had some decent gains from it and i also ran m-drol in January 08 for 3 weeks at 10,20,20. I gained about 12 lbs from this cycle but the lethargy was way to much for me. I actually felt like i had the flu for 2 weeks. So really what im asking is that im trying to find a cycle to put on lean mass without extreme side effects. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Stats: Age-21
    weight- 178
    height- 5'6
    experience- 4 years

  2. Someone's gonna say it so I might as well just be the first one...

    First, I think this is more of a steroids type of question, not so much OTC.

    Second, it seems that for your age you've ran way too many Methyl groups, maybe the sides you're experiencing are from not well trimmed PCTs or Cycle supports? And I'd also venture to say that there's probably a lot of room for improvement on your diet and trainning if you already feel the need for these products, especially in such a frequency.

    But that's just me...

    Maybe getting your diet down, trainning and everything down as well before considering another cycle, because the ones you've already taken are not quite "begginer" prohormone cycles, and the only next step possible I see happening are real steroids, maybe 3-AD tops, and 21 is far too young to have 3 cycles under your belt already.

  3. Sorry for posting in the wrong section, i'm new to this. As far as support supps and pct, I did preload Cycle Support 2 weeks prior to both cycles, during the cycle, and during pct. My pct consisted of Nolva(tamox) 40,30,20,10, Novedex 4,4,2,2, and X-lean(anti-cort).

    My diet is pretty much to a tee. All carbs that i consume are complex: oatmeal, brown rice, wheat bread. My protein consumption comes directly from lean beef, chicken, tuna, and whey. I also try to get all my fat intake from flax seed oil or other unsaturated sources.

    Protein: 290-310
    Carbs: 300-320
    Fat: 60-80

    Calories:3000-3300 a day

    My current training routine is a 2 day split, switching up between 3 sets of 10 and 3 sets of 10,8,6. I try to keep my rest at 45-60 secs between sets. I also try to alternate between training styles and frequencies whenever i plateau and it usually works, or i increase my calories to continue gaining but suddenly everything has plateaud and im just looking to get an extra little boost. Yea, i do understand that i probably shouldn't have started with 2 different methylated compounds, but i had researched for months before taking anything. So i would appreciate it if you or anyone else would recommend a prohormone,(preferrably non-methylated) just so i could break my plateau.


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