First time what do I use?

  1. First time what do I use?

    Hi all looking for some advice.

    First my history. Iím 29years old 30 in December and Iím 6í2

    I was extremely skinny as a child and very physically active up until the age of 18 with 3 different full time sports. I was a medium framed person at best. From memory my weight was about 75kg or 165pounds.

    After I turned 18 I got a desk job and slowly spent more hours at work meaning less time for sports. I slowly but surely stacked on fat which actually hid itself on me pretty well.

    My fattest was 106kg or 233pounds. This is when I noticed a party photo of me and my face looked puffy. There was others commenting on me being ďa fat bastedĒ so I decided to fix it.

    2004 I started gym off and on and got back to about 89kg or 196pounds. I sat at that weight for about a year before turning up the heat and going to the gym at least 3 to 4 days a week. This then dropped me back to 84kg or 185pounds.

    Being super frustrated at this last amount of weight that wouldnít budge I did some research and found the eating lots of small meals and cardio. I almost instantly dropped down to 78kg or 171pounds.

    I now have just a small amount of flab on my flanks, tiny bit on my tits and a little pot belly if I sit down but I think I got it mostly under control.

    Here is the thing; Iím now working hard in the gym 3 to 4 days a week rotating all sections but for the last 6 months have gained no visible size or strength which frustrates me slightly.

    Odd days I will do a little more thatís always countered by other days where my max is a little less but never a breakthrough.

    I was speaking to a friend who I had not talked to in a long time and he mentioned he now worked at a gym and recommended M-drol / P-plex taken together. As I donít just pop pills I know nothing about Iíd like to get advice on exactly what I should take first time out.

    I donít want to get huge, just stronger and bigger then I am and keep what I gain.

    I already have bought some products recommended to me which is a giant bottle of milk thistle, a bottle of ďAnabolic XtremeĒ advanced PCT and some Napalm Spray.

    I was using Stimulant X before on the days I just couldnít move without any energy but that was maybe 2 pills every week at most.

    So what do you guys think, Iím already losing my hair like crazy so Iím not really fussed as its all going to go sooner or later so I will just shave my head.

    I really donít want to damage myself for the sake of muscles or limit my health in later life. I also donít want ***** tits.

    I just want strength so I can lift at a level that isnít laughable and possibly slightly more size as a byproduct of that. Keeping it is a must as I wonít put my body through something that could be damaging if there is no chance to keep what I work hard for.

    Lastly as a side note I live in Hong Kong and eat CRAPLOADS of salmon, is this a bad thing?


    PS how do I take what when and why : )

  2. Sounds to me like you are very capable of gaining weight. So if you want to put on muscle, you need to change your diet. You would need to do this even if you were "taking something". I'd try bumping up the calories a bit and try to get your macros around a 40-40-20 split (thats Protein, Carbs, Fat) Maybe up your calories by 500-750 a day and see if you don't put on some muscle.

  3. Thanks for the advice, so it would be fair to say I will get gains mainly from perfect diet.

    Actually when I was stuck at 84kg and struggling at the gym I was on about 1800cals a day. When I put it up to about 2500 with the many small meals I noticed a big increase in strength and the fat dropped off me.

    Iím back to about 2000cals a day cause Iím desperately trying to lose the last bits of fat on my flanks and stomach but I might give it a burst for a couple of weeks.

    Should I eat before a workout or after also?


  4. Should I eat before a workout or after also?
    I always eat afterwards. I work out in the morning, and do my cardio after I lift. Then I come home and have a protein shake.
    Not saying thats the best way, but thats how I do it.

  5. Why don't you focus on your diet first, I gah-run-tee that you will see a hell of a lot more from eating like your suppose to the popping a wonder pill.

  6. Before you even think about M-Drol, you need to enhance your knowledge of PCT. A SERM will definitely be required for that strong of a compound. I highly doubt you want to run two meth compounds together initially either... Why did you buy Anabolic Extreme?

    Forget the pills...

    Eat more protein, cut the late carbs, and beat up the treadmill.

  7. The best thing for you would to get some whey protein (whey isolate is better quality) for before you work out and after, no matter what take it after you work out its most important to get protein after you work out so your muscles have the fuel to grow. You can also order some creatine, which is good for adding strength/bigger/ etc and not really and side affects. But the main thing would be whey protein and maybe some creatine.

    Also if you want a good boost before you work out look at a NO pre work out drink like, Ragnorak or something like that, the Ragnarok has creatine in it also.
    go to the store at the top link and have a look!

  8. Thanks guys I will give that a try. Id much rather not take pills at all. With the whey and protein drinks I will need to cut back my cals further? They are packed with cals right?


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