deprenyl (selegaline) vs high-dosed wellbutrin

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  1. Deprenyl did absolutely nothing for me. Dosed at 2mg per day for one month. Took a few weeks off, went back on at 10mg per day for two weeks. That gave me headaches. No positives.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Gutterpump View Post
    I've just had a meeting with my doctor yesterday about switching from 300mg of wellbutrin XL to a properly dosed Deprenyl patch, to get a heaftier boost of dopamine until I go on TRT shortly.

    He didn't know much at all about deprenyl, other that he's heard of it, so he didn't feel comfortable prescribing it. Instead, he upped my dosage of wellbutrin to 450mg (which is the max allowable dose). Is this going to significantly raise dopamine, at least second best to deprenyl?

    Not quite sure what to expect from 450mg of wellbutrin, in terms of an anti-depressant, dopamine booster (libido), and attention aid. All I know is that this dosage greatly lowers the seizure threshold in patients and can make people more prone to them (if they may be prone to them to begin with).
    Why exactly are you taking these things? It appears you are trying to get some sort of added dopaminergic benefit other than an antidepressant effect but I cannot tell. If you are maxed out on bupropion and still feeling depressed you need to switch to a different agent. Since depression has such a wide array of effects on so many receptor type such as 5HT, DA, and NE it is impossible to predict which will work in each patient, there is no perfect formula or drug for every person. Switch to an SSRI like citalopram or escitalopram (Celaxa and Lexapro) or an SNRI like duloxetine (Cymbalta).

    MAOI's like selegeline are not used anymore except in cases such as Parkinsons and the adverse effects, potential for toxicity (especially with children around), and drug/food interactions are through the roof and can worsen your problem by giving you fluctuating neurotransmitter levels.
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  3. Hey there, well this was years ago.... a very old post

    I had low test and thus low dopamine. I'm on TRT now and I don't take any anti-depressants or dopaminergenics except for occasional 5mg tab of deprenyl maybe twice per week, and some P5P.

  4. Btw Mao-b inhibitors don't have food restrictions like Mao-a inhibitor's have. Mao-b only effects DOPA and NOR/EPI unless taking extremely high doses, then there is some spill over to A.

    Deprenyl is EXTREMELY safe and is actually neuro-protective, thus it's popularity amongst the anti-aging crowd.

    SSRI's are a nightmare and can permanently lower dopamine in some patients. They are ugly, and I would never suggest them to people. SSRA's are the future, and I would highly recommend SAM-e or an SSRA over old school and horrible, ED inducing, personality blunting SSRI's

  5. I love low dose deprenyl ( 2,5mg ED) with a natural source of L-dopa ( mucuna pruriens)


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