Salvia questions/suggestions

  1. Salvia questions/suggestions

    My salvia leaves came in the mail yesterday. I chose whole leaves as opposed to the extracts for the sake of partaking in a way that is more natural and in dosages more in keeping with how the Mazatecs might have taken it. Can anyone recommend a specific amount of whole leaves suitable for a more mild first time experience? I don't have an understanding spouse so will definitely be doing this completely alone and therefore want to be able to gauge its potency and effects. I've taken LSD in both large and small doses, and eaten mushrooms twice. Can I expect to feel
    the strong physical tension/stimulant felling that LSD often gave me? I truly disliked that about LSD (which lead me through bad anxiety each trip) and also the only real way to help work it out in my situation aside from a little bit of pot would be to get out of my wheelchair and crawl around a bit. In the environment I'll be in for this, that would be highly inadvisable.

  2. Guys - is not the place for psychoactive or recreational drug discussion.

    There are many other online communities that deal with these topics, please do not disucss them here.

    Thread closed.


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