Adderall and bodybuilding

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  1. just a personal story i stopped aderrall in 8th grade and was 115lbs and prob 6% bf but by my senior year i was 225 and 10%bf. ofcoarse genetics and puberty had something to do with it but the aderall def did as well. it really decrases appetite while boosting bmr as most stimulants do. comming off it sucked as well it was weeks of just being exhausted all the time, im glad that part of my life is over

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    No, it's amphetamine. Methamphetamine is "Meth" which is like 20 times worse than adderall and is a quick, home-made version of amphetamine, but I wouldn't get the 2 confused. Adderall won't rot your teeth or cause you to age 20 years in a few months. However, I do believe that adderall can be just as powerfull and dangerous as coke.
    Methamphetamine isn't just a cheap home-made version; there is a major difference in that meth is a secondary amine whereas amphetamine is a primary. They are completely different molecules. Also, methamphetamine isn't any worse than amphetamine. Pharmaceutical grade meth (desoxyn) has been proven to be less of a load on appetite, sleep hygiene, and on the cardiovascular system. Its slightly more neurotoxic though from additional 5HT activity. However, in the horror stories you hear about people going crazy on methamphetamine or amphetamine, its not because of the neurotoxicity but because of sleep deprivation/ starvation from days of binging. Overall methamphetamine and amphetamine are pretty much equally bad when compared. Comparing trailer park meth to laboratory made adderall is just retarded though.

    Also, ADD and ADHD are real. Its been proven that there are people that have a stunted frontal lobe. The parts of the brain that deal with organization, concentration, and speech are far below the norm. THIS, is true ADD/ADHD. The reason why many ADD/ADHD kids grow out of it when they grow older is because they're brain development finally catches up with their peers kind of like how some kids go through puberty much faster than others. When they are finally biologically adults their brain is done growing for the most part and THIS is when supplements SHOULD be prescribed. That said, ADD/ADHD does have a negative stigma because of many inept psychiatrists that diagnose every other kid they see with it and give them scripts for amphetamine. These kids then go on and take it as said and get the tweak effect. The tweak effect is usually what gets these kids hooked because they start using it like caffeine and quickly build a tolerance (These are the kids that you hear about taking 100+ and staying up for days at a time; 10-60mg is the therapeutic norm. I've personally cycled 10, 20, tolerance break for many years successfully) If you truly have ADD/ADHD and you take adderall, your racing thoughts disappear and you mellow out (paradoxical effect, the reasons are for the most part unknown). If you don't have ADD/ADHD you get more racing thoughts and act obsessive.

    tldr; stop comparing apples to oranges, only adults should be prescribed amphetamines, ADD/ADHD is real but more frequently than not misdiagnosed.

    Just googled my way to this page to see if any lifters here have had any information to share about their experiences with therapeutic amphetamine since I'm a relatively unhealthy guy who has a personal training session in the morning to learn to lift and get started on a way to a healthier life. I saw a lot of misinformation here though and just thought I'd try and clear some up

  3. Y'all talking about ODing this stuff hardcore I take aderall and do just fine, it was prescribed by doc, **** allows me to focus, feel good and have energy for the right people in the right amounts it is miraculous

  4. adderall is best drug ever...keep using it is all about the
  5. Adderall

    I have been taking adderall on and off since I was 12. I'm 30 now. It has been nothing but a godsend for me. Yes, I admit it's very addictive. But I have never, ever felt any dangerous side effects while taking it except for the occasional anxiety. Then again, I'm not stupid enough to take a lot of it either. Adderall makes me feel stronger, motivated and sharper. At first, after a few weeks of beginning to take it, I would feel like I wanted to take more because I wasn't getting the same effect. My dr. would increase the dosage some and for YEARS I wouldn't feel the need to take more than I was prescribed. Adderall has some of the same ingredients as meth but it's WAY cleaner than meth and doesn't have many of the serious side effects meth has unless you down a bunch of them. Also, any adderall I've taken lasts anywhere from 4-8 hours and when it wears off, I just want to sleep. I hear many people that take meth stay up for 3 days in a row and end up in bathtubs trying to decrease their body temperature. It's not fair to compare the two in the way that many of the people above have. Alcohol and marijuana have had drastically worse effects on my mental state than adderall ever has. I have passed out after smoking weed. I have gotten lost smoking weed. I've had several serious panic attacks after smoking weed. Odd, the only side effect I've had from adderall is the occasional anxiety. Any person that feels the need to take a bunch of adderall at once is either really stupid or perhaps severely depressed. I just get upset to see so many people bashing a drug that has helped me in my life so much, especially people who take one or two horror stories and just assume the drug is "evil". The most dangerous thing you do every day is get in your car and drive yet that's acceptable.



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