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Hey guys i've been following this thread for a little while and I would say that it is crucial that you go get blood work done to see whats going on. I mean you guys have it not so bad. When i say say I have hypertension, i have it real bad. Every time i would have my pressure taken it would be numbers like 200/100 with a pulse of only like 55. As far as my stats go, im only 19 6'1, 205lbs, 12-13%bf. Im extremely active, play college rugby, workout 4 days a week. I've had every test under the sun. It's not pleasant but it needs to be done. I would recommend actually going to a heart specialist. I had an ekg test, stress test, ultrasound (make sure my kidneys were ok because i was told high blood pressure attacks the kidneys) and a few blood tests done. As far as the blood tests went, everything was fine, lipid profiles and cholesterol and everything was fine. Luckily it is only linked to genetics. My mother, grandmother and sister all have hypertension. Anyway the doctor put me on medicine called diovan hct and it seems to have lowered my pressure quite a bit.
Thanks for the heads-up, I got mine down from mid 140/80 to 120/60 just through diet for a couple of weeks but now it seems to be creeping back up to 130-140/70 range. Guess I need to tighten my diet up a little bit.