Claritin D with supp's.

  1. Claritin D with supp's.

    Are there any supplements that I should stay away from while I'm taking Claritin D?

  2. I've taken JW, SD and PP with generic Claritin without any problems

  3. Claritin D gives me a stimulant effect, I'd just take it easy on the thermogenics/fat burners.

  4. It appears that the Claritin-D comes in 12 and 24 hr. versions, both with time-release dosing of pseudoephedrine at roughly 1 mg. per hour. Sensitivity to ECA (if you have ever had it) would be similar to sensitivity to this as they are similar chemicals.

    I wouldn't be shocked if there was an increased diuretic/thermogenic effect from the "D" in the claritin...regular claritin wouldn't have this problem. I would be sure...if nothing to drink more water at a minimum while on the D.

    As for avoiding supps...just keep an eye on BP if taking other stims.

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