Side effects?

  1. Side effects?

    Gonna keep it simple, estrogen build up in pects jokingly referred to as breast buds. Ive done 3 very successful sd cycles w/ PCTs maintaining a majority of the gains; nolvedex being the anti-estrogen during that 5 week process. Question is, why, a few weeks after PCT, do they come back. Essentially, if im not taking nolvedex, i have them. Was very aware of side effects going into this about a year ago and after thorough study i planned the cycles. All three were the exact same but only after the most recent PCT did they return, as if i was on cycle again.


    (Latest PCT ended about 10/30 ish)

  2. you should move this to the post cycle therapy forum - above where you posted there is a thing that says "thread tools" select that then click "move thread"

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