SSRI effects on Testosterone

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  1. P-T axis complex stuff.

    Do you need a test script?

    Do what guys have always done .. cycle B6, Mucana puriens (Powerful, 1-carboxy), theanine, tyrosine ... to boost GABA/dopamine. Or dead-lifts, squats and lots of mono-fats, fish oil (fats). That will boost hGH and give you a better shot at boosting test naturally. Supplements to control prolactin ... that sort of thing.

    Then again my advice on this thread has been demonstable junk.

  2. Yeah this is a simple issue.

    High seratonin causes lowered dopamine. Lowered dopamine = less sex drive (even if testosterone is normal)

    If people are having issues with libido on SSRI's, something like wellbutrin is normally prescribed as it's a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. That, or what was said above ^^

    If you're feeling a little risky, or want to experiment, taking low dose deprenyl with low dose instant release wellbutrin (NOT the extended release), this has an incredible effect on dopamine and libido...this combined effect is similar to a dopamine agonist. I would heavily research this though and be careful. Check out Imm Inst forum for more info.

    SSRE's are a better way to go though, much better than SSRI's, but are not available in North America via script.

  3. SSRI's and MAOI's will make you want to eat but it will kill off your test levels. libido=0. I hate SSRI's..... espicially paraxotine. **** killed my test levels... i get SEVERE physical withdrawls when i get off it.


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