OTC drugs for sleep

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  1. Anyone mention Benadryl?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by andro69 View Post
    Anyone mention Benadryl?
    Isn't Benadryl for allergies?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by SteelEntity View Post
    Isn't Benadryl for allergies?
    That is the primary use. Sleep induction is a nice secondary one... Got kids? LOL

    Melatonin rotated with Ambien (not OTC) work great for me. Whenever I first take Melatonin after long periods off of it, I have CRAZY VIVID dreams on the borderline of nightmarish. However, when I scare myself awake at 5 am, I am wide awake!

  4. Yeah for me the effect of melatonin lasts a few weeks then dissipates really quick. GABA does not help me get to sleep but when I am sleeping it seems to keep me in a deep sleep. Dreaming means you are in REM sleep from what I know so that is a good thing.

    Nyquil night time, even though for colds puts me to sleep in 5 minutes tops.

  5. look into serquel.
    Start out at 50mg.

  6. RoidGracie
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    2mg of Melatonin and 100 mg of 5-HTP and cut down on caffeine and other stimulants. Actually, quitting caffeine alone was like night and day, didn't need any sleep aid, but I'm back to drinking tea now.......I believe maybe this RLS and all these other sleep problems are nothing more than overuse of stimulants during the day.

  7. Somnidren-GH helps put me out pretty good

  8. I have had great success with Melatonin. I do 3mg and it gets my sleep back to a regular pattern. But the dreams are vivid and a side bonus. The sleep is solid and I haven't woken up groggy. I did not like Ambien at all. It knocked me out, but I would wake up four hours later and stuggle to get back to sleep. (I also have a mild mood disorder and occasionally get hypomanic, so I have had numerous prescriptions, Trazadone, Seroquel, Ambien, etc. Melatonin has provided FAR better results with no side effects that I have experienced).

  9. Not meaning to pump our own products but we developed Nocturnabol because we knew there was a need for good sleep aid. Check out the ingredient profile. I really like the product and take it quite often. Nice vivid dreams as well.

    In a couple of weeks we'll have samples to give out (maybe sooner actually).


    Just offering an alternate to consider.


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