Any suggestion's on a good online Pharmacy?

  1. Any suggestion's on a good online Pharmacy?

    I have a prescription for my medication (provigil) Really does the trick and helps me allot with Adult ADD. Unfortunitly my insurance company will not pay for this treatment as its*SO CALLED UNPROVEN* anyhow everyone knows the story, its expensive and it works. Its new so they can deny it, since its so expensive I've been looking online for a pharmacy preferable in Canada. Any suggestions????

    Cost me 275$ for a 30 day supply at 200mg dosages.

    I'd like to cut that number down some, without sacrificing safety.

    (BTW i don't believe i'm breaking any board rules, but never can be to careful so i put in this disclaimer to delete this thread if it is against the rules)

    This is looking for LEGAL pharmacy and i have a PRESCRIPTION.

  2. Hurray, i found and there prices are alot better, but i have to get a bigger script from my doctor. 100 generic version of 200 mg. is 196$ which is great.

    unless someone knows of a better deal, i'm gonna go with them.

    Dr liftalot

  3. my insurance (Anthem BC/BS) covers it under sleep issues, Insomnia etc. Would your insurance cover it under a different diagnosis?

    you might try having your Dr use a different approach in the diagnosis.

    just a thought

  4. Call your doctor and tell them to call the insurance for a prior authorization and have them say that it is a medically necessary treatment. That might do the trick.

  5. Yeah, and there is a reason so get the point.



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