5HTP and Melatonin

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  1. I only take Melatonin when Im working Midnight shifts and during the winter months. Seems to keep me in a better mood during those brutally boring months of January, Feb and March.

  2. u wont have to take much melatonin cause the 5htp increases melatonin and hcg levels by itself

  3. Just ask the pharmacist when your there. That is what they are there for. I can tell you they will say it is ok and if you take too much you will just pee it out

  4. I take substantial doses of melatonin at night and have for years. Not addicted to it, nor do I have any sides from it. On the contrary, I feel pretty good on it. Pretty sure my pineal gland is fine and dandy. IMO, the melatonin that doesn't bind to the appropriate receptors is used as an antioxidant.

    5-htp I only take when I feel depression coming on...usually in the dead of winter. I have found that taking it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach get the most bang for the buck seratonin-wise. 50-100mg is more than enough for me, particularly used in combination with 50mg P-5-P. This combo definitely has a kick to it...in a good way.

    I would be way more cautious of overdosing 5-HTP than melatonin.

  5. i used melatonin to enhance sleep, 1mg, headache in the morning and still get up at the same time.
    i don't have problem fall asleep, but i have problem for waking too early.

    but if i use it for jetlag, no headache, good sleep, good drug for that.

  6. I never had an issue. taken 500mg of 5htp and 3mg of Melatonin. I've still been taking Melatonin, but I no longer taking 5htp do to taking St. Johns Wart.

  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't chronic supplementation of 5-HTP be suppressive to endogenous production?

    Or does it not operate on that kind of feedback loop?
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    i agree, 3 mg is a bit much. it has too long of a half life so i wake up feeling groggy everytime i take melatonin. i like theanine a couple hours before bed and tryptophan .5-1 hour before. works great in my experiences!
    how long of a half-life does melatonin have?

  9. how long of a half-life does melatonin have?
    30-50% Bioavailability and a 35-50 minute half life. My guess this is in part due to being a potent antioxidant.


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