Provigil (Modafinil)

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    Anyone in this thread who thinks ADD is a bull****, non-existant, or otherwise untreatable condition is a misinformed fool.

    800mrunner, you sir, are a tard. An ADD one, at that.
    i actually semi-agree with him. i dispense adderall, ritalin, concerta, etc to patients everyday. 98% of them are little kids who are like 6yrs old. While they're in the waiting room while we fill the medication, the parents are yelling at them and they're misbehaving and doing all inds of sh!t that i'd NEVER let my kid do if I had one. children's parents play a LARGE role in the ADD epidemic we are having. they are not disciplining, or do not know how to discipline their children, so they say the kid has ADD cuz he is bad and gets in trouble in school, goofs off, etc. ALL kids do that. you just have to discipline them and make them learn that they cannot act in such a manner. I also dispense these medicines to older people in their 40's and 50's. often times out of nowhere, it'll be a brand new med they're prescribed. i'm sorry, but you cannot just out of the blue get ADD. especially at that age. you would've known a long time ago if you had it or not. sorry for the rant, but i see this stuff every single day.

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    Has anyone had any experience with this drug? I am looking into it to use as I am in school and don't get enough sleep. My sleep schedule is pretty messed up.

    Has anyone here had any experience with it?
    I've taken provigil and it works great. Problem is, if you take the whole pill, it will keep you up way too long..

    Take a half and it will get the job done. It doesn't give you the jitters either like caffine would.

  3. yea, i would take it.
    I take it almost daily. IT's completly different from ADD drugs.
    It's psych-stimulant, which wakes you up, you feel like you have had the best nights sleep, and it doesn't effect your CNS.

  4. i like it much better than adderall/concerta/ritalin. it is much smoother and no crash. the crash on adderall is crippling. i love this stuff on my overnight calls. i stay up 30 plus hrs with 1 200 mg pill and have no problems.

  5. Ive used provigil a ton....I work swing shift, and I initially started using it because I would often be up for literally 24-36 hours....I dont tolerate stimulants like ephedrine very well at all....This works entirely via a different pathway. There is no stimulant like feel when your on it. You simply are more alert and stay focused a little better. I think its fantastic, HOWEVER I do know that I crash when I come down...if Im driving home from work I can sometimes hardly stay awake.

    An interesting aside...The FDA and USOC didnt know anything about this until they raided Conte. Conte had some on hand because Pat Arnold had recommened it to him...As soon as they saw it, they immediately threw it on the watch list.


  6. dpfisher
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    I've used it for shift work and changing my sleep schedule. You develop a tolerance quickly with regular use, so that the effects become shorter and shorter. It's not good as a replacement for sleep forever and you have to catch up still but if you need to be awake one more day then it's ok.

  7. I have been using Modafanil for years, that and the cheaper (that doesn't work so well) Adrafanil. No side effects, and nothing but nice things to say about it. If you absolutely have to stay up past 24-Hours, or have to be effective on damn little sleep, Modafanil trumps caffeine and amphetamines. No crash, no shakes, no jitters, you just turn off that little part of the brain that keeps reminding you to sleep. I use Melatonin and Modafanil to control sleep, as needed: versus as the sun comes up or goes down. You can successfully stay awake for several days on Modafanil and still been fairly effective. Provided you adjust your diet to fuel the body accordingly of course. I love the stuff.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Ziquor View Post
    Adderall is methamphetamine basically along with Ritalin.
    Aderall is a racemic mixture of amphetamine, both the dextro and levo isomer, in the xr version they use various salts and microencapsulation to prolong effects. There is prescription methamphetamine, its called desoxyn, its used to treat narcolepsy mainly, the same thing modafinil is used for.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ziquor View Post
    Ritalin is slightly more like regular amphetamine though.
    Ritalin is methylphenidate, a drug that is not amphetamine or methamphetamine, but a subsituted phenylethylamine by definition.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ziquor View Post
    Either way they're AWFUL for your cardiovascular system.
    They certainly aren't sunshine and fish oils.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ziquor View Post
    Just like cocaine - if you take a hefty dose of speed (amphetamines, meth, coke) just once in your life & never again you'll still have a 80% higher chance of dying from a heart attack for the rest of your time on earth.
    where the **** did you get that information from? I'm calling bull**** fear mongering.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ziquor View Post
    Modafinal isn't too bad though. It's not a schedule II controlled substance like Adderall or Ritalin. It makes you more alert in the brain without negatively affecting your heart like amphetamines. It's also not super addictive like Adderall or Ritalin because it's not so euphoric.
    you are a complete retard. You should kill yourself for being so ignorant.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Foolish View Post
    Ritalin is methylphenidate, a drug that is not amphetamine or methamphetamine, but a subsituted phenylethylamine by definition.
    Just curious. How would this show up on a drug test?

  10. haha just curious. It would most likely show up as methamphetamine since they have some similar downstream metabolites, I know that I friend of mine who takes focalin (dexmethylphenidate) tests positive for speed.

  11. I consider it a weak to moderate effector on the arousal/drowsy axis. Yet its optimal use lies elsewhere. It would be interesting to see an fMRI study...I mean there is something going on with it but I don't think it is as nearly as activating of the frontal lobe as methylphenidate or amphetamine.


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