1. Dim

    Is DIM really effective at inhibiting E, even though its over the counter?

  2. DIM is good for lowering the bad types of estrogen. It is not nearly as effective at lowering total estrogen as a SERM or ATD. I guess it just depends on what you're lowering E for. If it is post-cycle therapy, DIM is not sufficient. If you just wanna get rid of excess E, DIM may be a good supplement for you. Some estrogen is necessary for bone health and conversion of IGF to GH in the body. Cialabol by USP Labs is a good supplement that gets rid of the bad estrogen, while increasing glycagon retention. Something like this may be a better choice than DIM.

  3. I am soon to find this out I am getting some blood tests done over the next month, I have a 1 month supply of Indoplex DIM and I am going to see if it really does lower Estradiol.

    If you want a good natural AI, go with Zinc, take 100mg a day with 6-7mg of copper and a good multivitamin.
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  4. Cool, let us know how you got on with that.

  5. Have you started the DIM? if so how is it going

  6. Yea but I cant get blood tests, thats why I started it early, doctors are too unreliable, my GP said he wont have anything to do with TRT, the endo i was seeing just took me off medication, and this other GP i got a blood test off before, the 2nd time said no.

  7. Yea that can be a real hassle. Does it appear to be working?

  8. I honestly cant say, I am taking ZMA, vitamin c and now I hear even vitamin A wich is in my multi can lower estradiol, so I would hope my E2 is lower then it was, although theres a chance its higher and I have had itchy nipples wich mostly subsided before starting the DIM. I do notice hot flashes when I take DIM and that is a symptom of estrogen dropping so I guess that could be a good sign although anoying. My libido is higher but not neccesarily when I take the DIM even if I skip a day, wich doesnt make sense because DIM has a half life of only 4 hours, but then again this libido could be because I have lowered my T dose, so its all really hard to say right now.

    Down the track when everything is settled with TRT treatment I will try get a blood test with DIM and without DIM.

  9. i can already tell you that it is not going to do anything for you unless you have a hormonal problem. if for some reason you have excess estradiol it will help but if you already have normal estradiol it will just lower it too low which is just as bad as having very high levels. seeing that you are 24 i doubt you will have much sucess with this.


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